Election fever? Even Sooty and Sweep are at it!

You can’t avoid the talk of elections this week as the Scottish Referendum enters its final stages. But did you know that another election has been taking place that also has the electorate divided. It’s Sooty V Sweep and the childhood favourites and friendly adversaries are asking the public who’s their favourite!
Having often had real politicians likened to Sooty and Sweep, the boys decided it was time to set the record straight. The SootyVSweep campaign opened a few weeks ago and since then votes have been flooding in. At present an exit poll has Sweep ahead by a nose but with over three weeks in which to register your vote who knows the outcome.
In true election spirit the boys have organised an online voting portal and nationwide polling booths plus election blogs, mission statements and campaign broadcasts have been created. Sweep knows just what he stands for, and its Sausages … every element in his ten point manifesto includes his favourite nibble.  Sooty on the other hand has a campaign message of Mischief, and promises to promote non-stop laughter and fun through magical mischief and custard pie carnage.
Most hilarious of all are the campaign YouTube broadcasts with each starring in his own clip declaring his own very special attributes. Sooty’s (VoteSooty) is strong and shows the voters just who’s in charge while Sweep’s (VoteSweep) provides sweepish view of everyday campaigning.
How to Vote
Voting can be made through the website www.SootyVSweep.com or by Retweeting #VoteSooty or #Votesweep on twitter. Alternatively a physical vote can be made at all Entertainer toy stores where there are voting cards, polling boxes and rosette stickers for everyone.  In addition outreach to schools will allow for class votes to be made and registered online in one easy step.
Counting up
The final outcome will be calculated at 12 noon on Wednesday 8th of October and the result announced at 3pm at that day. So who will be the winner, let the public have their say.

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