Beados Quick Dry Design Studio review!

A great new kit that we have been sent is the Beados Quick Dry Design Studio from Character Online.

Whats in the box?

  •  Quick dry station
  •  500 beads
  • 6 design templates
  •  2 base trays
  • Layout tray
  • Tweezers 
  • Water sprayer
  •  Display stands
  • Suction cups
  • Instructions

 This is aimed at children aged 4+ both my daughters really enjoyed this.

 Beados are the magic beads that join with a spray of water!It really is that simple.
You put the pre-design under the tray and then follow the design by the colours.

The girls decided they wanted to do a penguin as you can see above.

And this is nearly at the end,It seemed a little fiddly to me but the girls were quite happy doing it.

Once you have finished you just spray it with a little water press a button on the top of the  fan and let it dry I think it takes around 15mins I was not really counting as I was busy doing the dinner.

You can also try making your own designs without using the templates if you wish.
I have been told by the girls that they love this and also the fact that they only need to spray water and wait for a little while while it dries is the best.please also note that you need batteries I had to get some more as my ones for my mouse were stolen in order for them to test this :).

Also for this review all pictures were taken by my Daughters the youngest one did most with help from her sister they are starting wanting to be more involved than just testing out the toys,maybe another 2 bloggers of the future lol.

So if you have a child that would love this head on over and find out more and keep in mind for a fun Christmas present (Sorry I know I used the C word already).
Needs 2 x AA batteries,
RRP £19.99.

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