Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Z Line Ninja Deluxe Zipline Playset

Check out this brand new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Play set from Flair.

Z-Line Ninjas Deluxe Zipline Playsets – RRP £34.99

This new hero range comprises four wall-mounted playsets which can all be joined together.

This deluxe version of the playset brings even more action into scene, with bigger playsets, more z-lines and more triggering actions. This playset includes two themed backdrops: Billboard Breakout and Water Tower Washout.
We were kindly sent the Water tower wash out.

These incredible Deluxe Z-Line Ninja Playset has everything you need to set up a zip line from wall to wall in your bedroom.

Unique ‘battle off the ground’ zip-line play as seen in the animated TV show! Wipe out, wreak havoc on the weary Kraang, as the Turtles come pouring out of the water tower to wage their wild assault. Build the city with this new Deluxe playset… Stick your Water Tower to the wall and connect your zip-lines. Slide your Turtle down the line to make the baddie fall and your other Turtles escape!

  • 1 Water Tower Washout Playset
  • 4 command strips from 3M
  • 4 wall clips
  • 1 gargoyle launcher
  • 1 c-clamp
  • 2 tension cylinders
  • 2 z-line pulleys
  • 1 two-hand handle
  • 1 one hand handle
  • 2 48" zip-line
  • 1 72" zip-line
  • 1 angle gauge

 My boys were so happy to get this and it was the day before they went away with their grandparents so my oldest son begged and begged to take it with him to play with his granddad with it as we are decorating the boys room so we were not able to put it up on the wall.
I have been told from my oldest and also from the kiddies grandparents that my 2 boys spent hours playing with this and having lots of fun and even Their grandfather was getting in on the action lol.

We are yet to put it up in their room as the decorating is only just done and my oldest is kind of mad at me that he can not put it back up yet :).

We were also sent 2 figures to go along with the set which are new out.

 Wave 8 New Figures – RRP £9.99 – A brand new wave of figurines
which includes; Casey Jones, Squirrelanoid, Kirby Bat and Mutagen
Man, but will also see old faces such as Splinter, Metalhead,
Turtles Basic Figures, Baxter Stockman and the new Turtles
Battleshell with opening back shell for weapon storage.

My oldest says he likes this figure because it can move in many ways and he loves being able to store the weapons in the shell.

What do you think to this playset and figures?.

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