Klondike Facebook Game.

Do you play games on Facebook? If you do there is one you should check out if you have not already.

Klondike by Vizor Interactive,this is now my favorite game on Facebook and I am addicted to it,any spare few minutes in the day I just have to try to complete something.

Right now Vizor are celebrating Their 7th birthday and are giving all players some great gifts and a special new land where you can get lots of other gifts.

The game is really good because there is a lot to do a lot of things to make to make something else to complete a task,You can also have up to 300 neighbors who can help you by you employing them to make items or cut down trees etc.You have two Inuit workers that work for you always and you can use emeralds to buy more.
I like the neighbors because you can add and be added by people but you do not have to add them to your Facebook you can send each other a free gift each day plus items they have on Their wish list.

There are animals you raise that gift you products you need like cows give you milk,chickens give you eggs which you then use to make porridge to feed your dogs with.

There are lots of different lands to explore but you have to do certain things or tasks to open them up,plus in the short amount of time I have been playing Vizor have added fun temporary locations which everyone can go to and new permanent locations that I am yet to find my way to.

To get to the other lands you have a dog sled which can carry a certain amount of goods back and forward between locations and you also need items to travel like you have to make a tent and lantern and have them on your sled before you can enter a place this is different for every location.You must also have made enough dog food for your dogs to be able to travel.

Anyway I will not give away all the secrets but just know that once you start you will probably like me become addicted and you will forget any other Facebook game you are playing.

Lastly If you check out the Klondike Facebook Fan Page Vizor are really generous and give gifts for the game just about everyday,and at the moment we are a few days into 6 days of special gifts for the game.

Let me know if you already play or are going to?

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