Have Lots Of Fun With The Happy's

The Happy's are interactive, faithful and furry friends who play with their owner using Infrared Technology.
The Pets follow their Happy Treat towards their owner and perform tricks.
The pets have a range of movements. 
Watch them spin, explore & even do a silly dance to music.
Each pet has over 25 sounds.
Soft, high-quality plush fabric.
In the range are 3 adorable puppies & 1 cuddly kitten each with different personalities.

Bentley the Retriever,

Chance the Beagle,

Sport the Goldendoodle,

Mittens the White Cat

They are aimed at boys & girls aged 4+
Priced at £19.99.

We were sent a lovely box full of fun items including the lovely Chance.

 How cute is he :).Warning once you press that activation button on his back that is it he will bring lots of laughs to your house.I personally could not keep up with him and after a few hours my kids and real dogs were tired lol.
 We got a lovely happy face stationary set.
 Some Happy Face sweets that were gone within a few minutes.
 Chance's Bone which you press and he will follow.

And of course my boys loved this toy and had lots of fun with it before they even got to Chance lol.
Chance is a run fun toy and all of my kids have really enjoyed having him around,I must just say though I think it is real crazy he does not stop at all and goes round in circles,begs,zooms around barking and making lots of noises which had everyone laughing and for some reason he kept on going to my hubs legs which my kids thought was really funny.He will follow his treat for the dogs its a bone and for the cat I think is a fish,which I think is really good.
If you want your kids to be worn out let them play with any of the Happy's pets and chase them round for a while :).Our real dogs also spent a lot of time trying to chase Chance down so that was even more fun for the kids.

You can also buy The Happys rockin playground RRP £19.99 which has some little wobble toys which the Happys will pounce on and play with thanks to an inbuilt infer red  and a few other really fun accessories.If you have more than one pet they will interact with each other. I would really recommend these pets to any one my kids love the one they have and now we are thinking of getting another as my youngest daughter has said she was Mittens the cat.Honestly it will be money well spent .

Head on over to Flair and check out the range and well you know it is getting closer to Christmas so maybe this will be on your child's Christmas list.


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