Eggs In A Muffin Tin!

With the kids back at school and breakfast needing to go as smooth as possible and for the kids to get something good to eat before they go eggs in a muffin tin is a great way to start the day.

So my kids normally ask for cereal and eggs on toast which is fine but scrambled eggs is just boring and I really do not like to do fried but my kids wanted something that looked like fried.

Couple of eggs cracked direct in to a muffin tin and put in the oven.Now the kids were happy with these eggs but I wanted to do a little more.

So I went and started playing around to find a tasty way of doing the eggs.

Take some beaten eggs add in to it some ginger (Fresh chopped not powder) and cheese.
Put some slices of ham in to the muffin tin that has a small bit of heated oil or coconut oil is good,and pour over the egg mixture,
Add cheese on the top and put in to the oven until you are happy with it.

Or another fun way for the kids is to do the same as above but add in some chopped hotdogs.

Have you done eggs in a muffin tin?

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