Chill Factor Jelly Maker.

This is one of my favorite products at the moment.

 Due to the massive success Character has had with it's Chill Factor Slushy Maker & Ice Cream maker they have now bought out a Jelly Maker.

Make jelly in minutes not hours! Put in the freezer, when frozen add your jelly mixture. Now for the fun part - squeeze, squeeze, squeeze! After a few minutes flip your jelly maker and leave for a minute to set. Now you're ready to enjoy delicious jelly!

I put our in the freezer overnight only because I forgot the jelly at the supermarket lol.

I brought 2 different jellies but the thing is I have a very bad habit of eating right out of the packet so this was the one that survived.

When you are preparing the jelly you have to use less water than you normally would once you have completed as the instructions advise you can pour it in to the jelly maker.

And then get to squeezing my kids took it in turns which they enjoyed once it is ready and the top is on you can flip it over unscrew and there you have your jelly in a bowl.

I really love this product so much fun for the kiddies to be able to make jelly fast.

Check it out here.
RRP £12.99
For ages  5+

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