Ben & Holly's Thistle Castle Playset!

My 2 youngest watch Ben & Holly on Nick JR and they really love it so when we were offered a chance to review the Thistle Castle Playset there was no way I was going to turn it down.

Have magical adventures with King Thistle's Castle Playset! Slide Holly down the secret, magical slide hidden under the toybox. Watch out for the floating thrones! Stir the spoon in the Cauldron to reveal the food in the Fridge and Hidden Picture!

Let me show you some pictures from the playset.

 The throne moves up and down.

You can put Holly in the toy box at the top of the playset and she will come out of a secret door at the bottom.

This is a great playset and the attention to detail is really good,My youngest daughter was having lots of fun and even her brother joined in.
Madam is asking for a Ben figure to go with the Holly one so I think I will have to make that happen :).

This is for ages 3+ which I think is good there is not really any really small bits.
RRP is £24.99 with the quality of the playset I believe it will last for a long time and bring lots of fun and enjoyment.

Head on over and check it out for yourself from one of our favorite companies Character

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