Have Lots Of Fun With The Happy's

The Happy's are interactive, faithful and furry friends who play with their owner using Infrared Technology.
The Pets follow their Happy Treat towards their owner and perform tricks.
The pets have a range of movements. 
Watch them spin, explore & even do a silly dance to music.
Each pet has over 25 sounds.
Soft, high-quality plush fabric.
In the range are 3 adorable puppies & 1 cuddly kitten each with different personalities.

Eggs In A Muffin Tin!

With the kids back at school and breakfast needing to go as smooth as possible and for the kids to get something good to eat before they go eggs in a muffin tin is a great way to start the day.

So my kids normally ask for cereal and eggs on toast which is fine but scrambled eggs is just boring and I really do not like to do fried but my kids wanted something that looked like fried.

Klondike Facebook Game.

Do you play games on Facebook? If you do there is one you should check out if you have not already.

Klondike by Vizor Interactive,this is now my favorite game on Facebook and I am addicted to it,any spare few minutes in the day I just have to try to complete something.

Right now Vizor are celebrating Their 7th birthday and are giving all players some great gifts and a special new land where you can get lots of other gifts.

Fact Friday!

I know I missed last weeks but having been so busy and the kids being busy this totally slipped my mind.

So this week since we are 100 years since the first world war we are going to share a few facts the kids found online.

  • When war broke out the government asked for 100,000 volunteers to join the army. They got 750,000 in the very first month.

  •  The Pool of Peace is a 40-ft (12-m) deep lake near Messines, Belgium. It fills a crater made in 1917 when the British detonated a mine containing 45 tons of explosives.

Do You Drink Enough Water!!

We all know how important water is and that we should make sure we drink plenty but do we?

Well I can say in my case not not always,I would much rather have a can of coke or a cup of coffee.My kids drink plenty of juice and water but I decided that I should really make the effort to practice what I preach so over the last few weeks I have given up all fizzy drinks and any drinks with caffeine.

The only things I am now allowing myself to drink is water or pure fruit juice.

At first it was a lot harder than I thought but then I started to change it up and drink warm water with lemon or with peaches yes peaches believe me it tastes good especially being home made. A simple lemon ginger and honey in warm water tastes really good.

Get Zippy with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

 I thought I should share a great competition with you all that I have just found out about.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are Getting Zippy this autumn and are giving 20 lucky winners the chance to win a pair of tickets to a Go Ape of their choice to take part in a Junior Tree Top experience.

Ninja fans can participate by heading to www.swapit.co.uk/tmnt to take part in the Getting Zippy experience. Kids simply have to catch the Turtles as they whizz across the screen on their zip lines and take part in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles quiz for their chance to win one of 20 pairs of tickets to a Go Ape experience. 

The prize of tickets to Go Ape can be taken at any of the 13 locations nationwide at a date to suit the winner. The vouchers will enable the winner plus a friend to take part in a Junior Tree Top experience at the site which includes canopy exploring, trail blazing, obstacles plus negotiating crossings and finishing with an epic wind-in-your-face zip wire!