Popcorn Chicken.

I have 2 more quick stir-fry snacks,

By the way if you are wondering why mine is always in the same dish its because that is my favorite to eat out of i will not use other ones unless i have to.I am too fussy lol.

Ok so i have done the shrimp stir-fry and the one with rice and spaghetti.

First one is popcorn seafood bites.

When we went shopping the other day my kids wanted everything lol. I picked up these as they are great if you do not have time to make the meal from scratch.These bites are made of Scampi,White fish and Hake fish all mixed together and they taste really good.

I cook these in the oven first you can also deep fry them but i do not like to do that when it comes to the kids eating it.
When they are just about done i do my normal mushrooms,spring onion,garlic and broccoli stir fry with salt to taste and then chuck in the popcorn bites right at the end just to make sure they get some of the flavor.These ones also have salt and vinegar on i did not really want that but there was not any without.

Second for those that do not like seafood try doing the same thing but with popcorn chicken.Its always good to make it yourself but since its getting to summer and the kiddies will soon be off school you may want to be able to do something quick if you have a really busy day.
We grabbed a few boxes of these and they did not taste that bad.

Quick and simple,My kids and hubs normally eat this with some rice/spaghetti or both but i do not like them so i normally eat it on its own.

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