Music Monday.

Hello everyone,I am posting this a bit late i know but i have been extra busy getting some reviews scheduled for this week so i can concentrate on getting some other work done.

This weekend i have kept on seeing news about the Jersey Boys and it seems all the TV is talking about over here right now so in the spirit of that i am going to go old school and share 2 of my favorite Frankie Valli and The 4 Seasons tracks.

Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons - Sherry Baby.

Big Girls Don't Cry.

Which do you like best if any?

Venus With Love Lockets.

I found this amazing company that i really wanted to share with you all.You all know how much i love jewelry and the more different the better for me.The company i have found is just perfect.

Venus With Love was created by two co-founders with a sincere love for jewellery.

Both career women and mothers to young children they sought a business that they knew that would inspire them and something that they could be truly passionate about.

Friday Feeling.

Well it has been one of those weeks,Non-stop rushing around trying to get so much done.
I will be taking the weekend off and back on Monday with a few great reviews that i am sure you will like.

Latest snacking has been chicken dippers with the normal dip and popped rice coated chicken in wraps.

Vita Coco Coconut Water

It’s time to shake those maracas and get ready to celebrate! The world’s eyes will be on Brazil this summer, where it is believed that over 30 million litres* of coconut water - or ‘agua de coco’ - will be enjoyed by locals and tourists throughout the festivities.Now thats a lot of coconut water.

Vita Coco Coconut Water was inspired by the beaches of Brazil, where it is the nation’s favourite
drink of choice.

World Cup Snackin Take Two

Hi everyone.

So this week is really busy for me i am trying to fit everything in but i am already behind.

This is our second post for the world cup snackin which i hope will be the last as i never want to watch another match i am so bored of it lol.

My kiddies favorite carrots and yogurt & mint dip,I really enjoy this also.

Music Monday.

Hope you weekend was good what did you all get up to?

We had a nice and quiet weekend everyone is kind of getting bored of the football which i am happy for because i have missed so many weeks of my soaps and i need to catch up lol.

 Sam Smith-Stay With Me

Fuse ODG Ft Sean Paul - Dangerous Love

That's all the music i have for you today..Enjoy.

World Cup Snackin.

Well England were a let down last night really expected more from them.

This is our big screen we watched it on.does not look good from the picture but i love being able to watch everything on a larger screen.

Gelato Gusto celebrates the World Cup and backing England with the arrival of its 'Three Lions' lion bar gelato

So tonight is the night England are playing again so lets hope everything goes well.

OK so i know some of you may not want to talk about football so how about something tasty for this lovely weather we are having?.

Sun Has Got His Hat On.

Well the sun has finally shone here week straight which is pretty amazing for this country lol.For this whole week we have had around 24 and above degrees Celsius which i think is equivalent to 75.2 degrees Fahrenheit for my readers in the US.

Ravensburger Peppa Pig Junior Mandala Review.

 Today i have another great review for you.

This is the Peppa Pig Junior Mandala from Ravensburger.

Interplay Fairy Garden Craft Box

A while back my oldest daughter showed me some really cute fairy gardens and told me she wanted to do her own,I told her that we could but she would have to decide everything she wants to use etc.

The i got an email if i would like to review Interplay's Fairy Garden kit I did laugh because of how my daughter had not long been talking about it,Of course i said yes.

Music Monday

Hello everyone! How was your weekend?

Today i am just posting some music as i had no time to do any clay thanks to the world cup.I am not the biggest football lover but when world cup is on hubs watches every match so everyday at 5pm around 8pm and 10pm there is a game on.The kiddies all were begging to watch the England match which was on around 10pm the other night so we said yes but i was sure they were not going to stay awake my oldest told me that they would....As England kick off the kids are all asleep lol.
Are you watching the world cup & who do you think is going to win?.

Magic Nail Lab

Today we have a review for you.

Interplay's Wild Science Range, Magic Nail Lab.

 This set is aimed at girls aged 8+ and allows them to make their own nail varnishes.My oldest loves this she had lots of fun and experiment on yours truly.

Belinda And Bolt

I was looking through some photos on the computer and found a few i like that i forgot i had.

Praying Mantis and its dinner.

My son saw this Praying Mantis and i took some pictures as it was eating his meal not good if you do not like these kinds of pictures.

I do not like praying mantis that much anymore since i had one jump from a tree in to my hair scared the life out of me and it would not get out lol.
My son loves them and when he saw it he begged me to take pictures even though it was on my naff phone still came out ok.

Popcorn Chicken.

I have 2 more quick stir-fry snacks,

By the way if you are wondering why mine is always in the same dish its because that is my favorite to eat out of i will not use other ones unless i have to.I am too fussy lol.

Ok so i have done the shrimp stir-fry and the one with rice and spaghetti.

First one is popcorn seafood bites.

New Clothes.

I wanted to show you a few new things that my hubby got for me as a surprise.

First off i love lace anything lace tops, dresses etc.

Weekend Clay

Hope you all had a great weekend,

Here is a small update on a couple of clay minis i got done.

 Elmo did not turn out the way i wanted but he also has glow in the dark eyes like cookie monster.

Explore the Regional Flavours of Italy with Filippo Berio Gran Cru

Filippo Berio, the first and last name in olive oil, is proud to announce the UK launch of their latest range, Filippo Berio Gran Cru.

The Gran Cru range is a selection of three exceptional regional Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oils to be discovered, explored and savoured. Each of the three Gran Cru oils - Dauno, Monti Iblei and Toscano - boast their own unique and delicious characteristics and can transform a simple recipe into an exquisite dish, adding flair, flavour and Italian authenticity.

Aldi Prawns are the best

Ok so you saw me talk about how much i love prawns/shrimps.

The ones used in my last post were these.
Now don't get me wrong they were ok but it was hard work peeling and de-veining them when i Just wanted to eat.


Ok so yes right now i am going through a stage where all i want is prawns/shrimps anyway possible.

Last night i was a little hungry but not to the point that i needed a whole meal,I had taken maybe a handful of shrimps out to defrost.

These needed to be DE-veined and their shells taken off,

Honey M Couture

I love Kaftans and finding something different and i did just that when i found

Honey M Couture

I really love all of the Kaftans,Tunics and dresses  that is on the website.

Udderly Smooth

This is just a quick post to show you a twitter prize i won.


Clay And Blog Updates

Hey everyone hope you all had a great weekend

 First off i did a few more clay at the weekend not much and not all that but i thought i would show you all anyway.

I know a lot of you liked Cookie Monster what i forgot to say last time is that his eyes glow in the dark.