Zack & Quack Party Friday You Are All Invited To Join Us

Friday 7th Febuary  3:45-5:45 pm come and Join myself,my kiddies their friends,UKMumstv and some other great bloggers to our Zack & Quack Twitter Party you know how we love these kinds of parties,

This party is based around the UK premiere of a brand new TV series, Zack & Quack, which takes place in a cardboard pop-up world where Zack interacts with his paper world in ingenious ways; constantly finding creative ways to solve any problem.

UK premiere is at 4:30pm on Nick Jr.

We will be having a party here at my house and my kiddies have invited their friends so make sure you tune in on Nick Jr, During the party there will be online spot competitions and more fun and games to take part in, so make sure your laptop or PC is ready to go as the party starts. 
Make sure to follow myself kayadeola and UKMumstv and use the #zackandquack hashtag. you should use this in all tweets concerning the party or just to see what is going on.

I will be posting more this week i look forward to tweeting with you all on the day.

Remember Friday 7th 3:45-5:45 pm

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  1. This sounds like so much fun!! I'm excited I'll set a reminder in my phone. Thanks for sharing!!