Trash Pack Trash Wheels Junkyard Review.

If you read my blog alot you will see that little man loves his Trash Pack toys so he was super excited when this turned up.

Even little madam wanted to play mainly because there was a pink truck included and that was the one little man wanted to crush more lol.

This time the gross gang is on the move with the latest Trash Pack installment. Kids will have a ‘wheely’ gross time racing their Trash Wheels vehicles.

"The Trash Wheels Crash 'N' Junk Yard playset is the only place to wreck and repair the Trash Wheels! Whether they need a new engine or are ready to go to the scrap heap, the Junk Yard is the place to go! 
Burst through the gates of the Junk Yard and up the bridge! Then pick up your Trash Wheelie with the crane and crush 'em up! Send 'em down the rubbish ramp and turn 'em into scrap metal! 
Fully connectable with other Trash Wheels sets, this set comes with 2 exclusive Trash Wheelies - Toe and Police Car and a Collector's Guide, kids will have everything they need to repair their Trash Wheels! Just watch out for the crushing yard – don’t get squished!"

Features & Benefits

  • It includes: 1 Junk Yard Playset, 2 Trash Wheels vehicles and 1 instruction booklet
  • The Trash Wheels Crash 'N' Junk Yard playset is the only place to wreck and repair the Trash Wheels!
  • Over 83 in the series to collect.
  • Pick 'em up, Crush 'em, wreck 'n' recycle!
Setting this up was really very simple you only have to attach a few bits and you are ready to go also it is easy to take apart if you need to but it does not take up that much room.

Above you can see it set up and ready to go.

As you can see here hotdog was ready to be crushed you pull the yellow leaver across and when you pull it back there is no Trashie there so where did it go?

Well press the furnace button and you will see The Trashie making its escape round the bend which is quite fun for the kiddies they had a few giggles doing it though one time one came out a bit to quick and fell off lol.

  Also they can use the crane to pick up and move cars and also go crashing through the gate

As you can see from the pictures we were also sent another 2 trashies to join the 2 that comes with the set which was great.

Each of the Trashies is well made as always and they are kind of rubbery so they will take alot of playing and trying to trash them lol.

This set is aimed at 5 years and over and priced at £24.99 which is a really good price for the amount of fun the kiddies are getting and as with madam girls may like to get involved and play too its nice to see 2 of them enjoying the same toy rather than complaining its for girls or its for boys lol.Little man has now also included some of his other Trashies On to the set he said they were workers and helping him to crush the other Trashies.

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