Disney Princess Palace Pets Review

Little madam really loves all her Disney Movies and all the princesses so when i had the chance to review Disney Princess Pets i couldn't say no.

We were sent a lovely collection.
Firstly let me tell you about these pets they all belong to a Disney princess and have some of the features of the Princess the belong to in some way.

So there are a few to collect,We were sent one from each collection,

Talking & Singing Pets: Treasure,Berry and Pumpkin
Primp & Pamper Ponies: Petit, Bloom and Bibbidy.
Furry Tail Friends: Pumpkin, Blossom,Teacup, Beauty, Berry and Treasure.
And you also have the Pamper & Beauty Salon

First one to show you is

Petit who is a Primp and Pamper pony,Belle found this little pony on a winter day strolling near the frozen lake and took her back to the palace so she could rest,she is adventurous but she does not have an easy going temperament.She can be strong willed and doesn't let anyone ride her except of course Belle.

She comes with 1 tiara(detachable),1 brush,1 jewelry box which can store her hair clips and madam put her tiara in ther too,3 hair clips.
 She has a beautiful long tail that can be braided and brushed  her head moves and she has a very sparkly ribbon on her tail nicely made and will stand alot of wear and tear.

Next up is Teacup

When belle saw Teacup performing in the village she knew she was a real star,Teacup loves shopping for accessories and always chooses the perfect pieces for the occasion.

She comes with 1 tiara(detachable) and 1 brush,again her head moves she has a lovely fluffy tail and a sparkly ribbon.

Then we have Treasure,

She is a very curious and playful kitten she is one of the Talking and singing pets she belongs to Ariel they met on the high seas Treasure loves water unlike most pets

If you press the button on her heck she says things like "lets collect things together" and she sings meow meow in the tune of row row row your boat which we found really cute and funny.also her eyelashes are are not painted on they are synthetic eyelashes which i thought was a cute touch also you can see she has a sparkly ribbon and a very fluffy tail.
She comes with 1 tiara (detachable) and 1 brush.

Lastly let me show you the Pamper & Beauty Salon

Why not take all your pets for a pamper this is a really great set and it was hard to get pictures as madam just wanted to play with it lol.

It comes with Cinderella's cute little pet Summer,
You can see on this picture summer has light nail polish and some art on the side of her body when she is warm the art goes away
It was a bit hard to get a picture but when you use cold water on her she also gets darker nails as well as the body art,
The salon is really cute, and comes with a brush,a hair dryer,4 hair clips,a sponge and a perfume bottle.

This is as it is closed up but you can pull out the chair and the bath section and open it all up

Madam loved putting all her pets on there and doing different things with them.

This is a really great set and i am sure any little girl will love it this is aimed at ages 4+ madam has been having lots of fun,if you would like to find out more and have a look at the other pets please head over to Character-online Here

Do you have a child that would love this?


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  1. My 6 year old would scream with delight if she seen these. Becca loves anything that is associated with Disney Princesses. Certainly gives me birthday ideas thank you!