Cool Create Daisy Chains

Cool Create Daisy Chains is great fun for girls aged 4+.

Girls can create their own flower, necklaces, bracelets, hair accessories and more this is a really great set and madam has really enjoyed playing around with it she loves making the real things but of course they do not last that long so this set is great for long lasting fun.

Inside the box is
1 flower making unite
30 fabric flowers
20 flower beads
10 round beads
1 picker that can also be used as a hair clip
20 flower steams
4 clips
1 instruction sheet

These are really fun and easy to make simply choose a fabric flower and place it on a peg on the outside petals of the flower making unit.

You can add smaller flowers on top to layer your flower
When done you add a flower bead and carry on repeating the steps round the flower making unit
To pick your flowers you then place a green stem as above to each flower.

You then use your picker to gently lift the fabric properly on to the stem and then remove the whole thing and put to one side you then carry on around the rest of the flowers.

You can add some beads to the flowers too
You can place one over the middle peg in the center of the flower making unit then place another finished flower as above and pull the bottom flower up and remove them both there you have your linked flowers you can carry on this until you have made enough to make whatever you like maybe a bracelet or necklace or something for the hair.You use a clip to fasten the jewelry together.
Also the bottom of the making unit can be used to store all of the parts which i think is great,madam loves this set and keeps taking it apart and making something else even the dogs have had their own necklaces Bolt was not that impressed lol.

This is really good because it keeps her busy for hours on end and she loves anything like this And she does not have to wait for the daisies to come up to make something pretty.

If you would like to find out more check out Flair's Cool Create Club  

Please note the website above will be going to be live 26th February.

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