Buffer zone Nails Review.

I love doing my nails making them look nice but sometimes i do not have the time or when i do and i have painted them someone or something will need my urgent attention and then it will all get chipped or smudged before its even dry.

I have found a good solution without paying a fortune

Buffer Zone Nails is a Etsy store That is full of amazing press on False nails,
There is so many to choose from as you can see from some of the pictures i have added on here.

Nails are available in:
~ Short Length Squared Finger
~ Long Length Squared Finger
~ Short Length Oval Finger
~ Long Length Oval Finger
~ Long Length Stiletto Finger (Available in long length only)
~ Wide Fit Short Length Squared Finger
~ Wide Fit Long Length Squared Finger
~ Toes

Matching finger and toe nail are available upon request.

 I got to choose a set to be sent and review and it took me so long to choose i first decided on long length squared.
I finally found which ones i wanted :-) simple but perfect for me.
With White Tips & Rhinestones, 

Pretty right? i love them
These are £9 and you can add either a small 2g glue or sticky tabs depending on which you prefer either option is 50p each.

Nude colored base with french style pearl colored tip, and silver rhinestone design

Finished with 2 coats of top quality top coat to ensure long life

2 x each size between 0 - 9 to allow for all nail sizes, 20 nails in total. (small numbers on the back top of nail)

They can be attached using nail glue or double sided nail adhesive stickers.

These arrived really fast which was great and i really love them they are well designed and really good quality.
I took some really nice pics of them 2 days ago and now i can not find them so have to do some more.

They are really pretty and also very strong unlike some that you buy from the supermarket and they end up cracking and breaking these ones do not feel as if they will.

I am going to be wearing these out and of course you know they will go nicely with my shoes.

Leanne is really talented and can of course accommodate if you need different colours just ask she is really lovely and will answer any questions you have.

So what do you think of these amazing nails?

If you want to find out more please checkout,

Etsy Shop


  1. No way! Those are so cool! I have acrylic nails, but these are great for nights out, etc! I love them.

  2. Those are some pretty snazzy nails they have at the Buffer Zone. I have a granddaughter who loves doing her nails. The first pair you showed would be the ones I would pick for her.

  3. These are really cool! I have a bad habit of destroying my nails and could never pull these off. These look amazing.

  4. Those are some pretty nails - I would love to get to have some nice looking nails mine aren't the best. x

  5. I love the french manicure ones with the little studs. I would file it down just a little shorter for myself Buffer Zone nails that you posted in blue I also like. You are lucky you got to review Buffer Zone nails

  6. Those nails are so funky! I love them! I need to try them out when I don't have gel on.

  7. Really awesome designs! I'd love to have these attached to my nails!

  8. WOW love those nails they are too cool. I will just have to try them out.

  9. I wish I could do more with my nails. But I don't have the patience to sit in a nail salon. Maybe these Buffer Zone Nails can be an option. So many pretty designs

  10. Those are pretty false nails. I do not wear the press on ones and when I get them done I usually go get the acrylics but these looks just as nice and seems easy to do. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Okay those are seriously cool. I really likes them and I love the artwork and jewels.

  12. I like the style! So cute! Maybe a little longer than I would love to put on, but they're cute!

  13. Wow those are some big nails. I could never really wear those but those patterns are super neat! Thanks for sharing them I know someone that would love them

  14. OMG! I am loving those nails... I've always fantasized about trying something so glamorous... Love them!