New Boots & More From Country First Direct

A few months back Hubs brought me some new riding boots.

I have not worn them yet because i am so comfy in my old ones even though they do not look so good anymore,I want to add something to these you know how i am with my gems lol.

Anyway i am getting really bored of plain black boots so i decided to look at some others and see what i could find.

There are still some good people in this world.

So today i am kind of trying keep up but struggling, i am over tired and feel like well just yuck right now, my to do list just keeps getting longer.
I have managed to do some of it but while i have some peace and quiet there is more i want to catch up on including some more posts to put up.

Music Monday

Happy new week and we all know its going to go so fast again lol.

So this week is going to have one music plus a couple of other things.

Firstly hubby and myself had Saturday afternoon to ourselves so we decided we were going to grab a takeaway i was really looking forward to it but was left really disappointed,

 We chose a mixed kebab our normal place we get it from we get a large and it is really large and between the 2 of us we struggle to get through it below you can see our normal large kebab the salad we get 2 tubs like the one you can see.the salad they always take out of a fresh unopened bag and gives us lots of roasted veg mushrooms everything.

Buffer zone Nails Review.

I love doing my nails making them look nice but sometimes i do not have the time or when i do and i have painted them someone or something will need my urgent attention and then it will all get chipped or smudged before its even dry.

I have found a good solution without paying a fortune

Buffer Zone Nails is a Etsy store That is full of amazing press on False nails,
There is so many to choose from as you can see from some of the pictures i have added on here.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Power Sound FX And Ninja Combat Gear #Review

You may of seen a couple of Teenage mutant turtles reviews on here before little man loves them so he was very excited to be included in another review.

The Powersound Figures are able to deliver battle phrases with awesome sound effects. Each of the figures stands 5.5 inches tall and features a patented wire coil activation system in the arms and legs that triggers heroic battle phrases. Simply pull back and hold the activation limb to hear reverberated phrases such as 'I'm invincible!' and 'Hiiiiiiii-yaa!'

Turtles PowerSound FX Raphael


Features & Benefits

  • Pull the power coil arms to activate battle sounds!
  • Hold them back for extended effects
  • You control the action!
  •  Look for all the Power Sound FX figures!
  • All 4 Turtles and Shredder available to collect ( each sold separately)

a2 Milk Review

a2 Milk is a great tasting natural cows’ milk from British cows, however it is also slightly unusual. This is because it comes from specially-selected cows whose milk is naturally free from a protein called A1 – a protein that can lead to digestive discomfort for many people when consumed. It launched this time last year and is in the midst of large growth in the supermarkets.

Rose Amber Kaftans.

I know we are still in February but its time to get prepared for spring/summer and if it is as nice as last year here in the UK then there will be no need to jet off to some far flung hot deserted island ( That's what i want to do right now lol). So anyway while i was dreaming of being somewhere hot and time to change my wardrobe from boring winter to the bright and colorful fun of summer dresses,beachwear and festivals,I stumbled across a brand new company and instantly fell in love you will see why.

Rose Amber is a London Based luxury resort wear brand,Started by Tessa Marwick and Jackie Manning They launched the brand in 2013 after tracing their family heritage (specifically their great, great grandmother Rosie) back to an Indian village on the outskirts of Kanpur. Inspired by the sumptuous textures and glittering embellishments characteristic of the region, the co-founders named their summer wear brand after Rosie, and dedicated their debut collection to India’s version of the kaftan.

Monday Music

Monday again i really can not keep up with the rate this year is already going.
How was your weekend? hope you all had a good one.

So this week i have another 2 let me know your thoughts?

D-Black - Carry Go ft. Davido

P-Square - Personally

So which will be your choice this week?

Perfumed Jewelry Best Invention Yet.

While looking for perfume on the internet i came across something that made me stop and look again something that i am surprised i have not seen or heard of before

Perfumed Jewelry is Based in Australia But not to worry They offer Free Worldwide delivery.

I love perfume and have a vast collection and always take a bottle (or 2) out in my bag with me if we are going out for a long day, it can be a pain and i would rather not have to take it with me well that's where Perfumed Jewelry saves the day.

A Little about Perfumed Jewelry,

Fifteen years ago, Renee looked into her mother’s jewelry box and found a scented handkerchief that had scented all of the jewelry in the box. While the scent didn’t last, she thought, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to put perfume and jewelry together?”

Happy Valentines Day

Wishing you all a happy Valentines hope you all have a great one.

Cool Create Daisy Chains

Cool Create Daisy Chains is great fun for girls aged 4+.

Girls can create their own flower, necklaces, bracelets, hair accessories and more this is a really great set and madam has really enjoyed playing around with it she loves making the real things but of course they do not last that long so this set is great for long lasting fun.

Inside the box is
1 flower making unite
30 fabric flowers
20 flower beads
10 round beads
1 picker that can also be used as a hair clip
20 flower steams
4 clips
1 instruction sheet

Trash Pack Trash Wheels Junkyard Review.

If you read my blog alot you will see that little man loves his Trash Pack toys so he was super excited when this turned up.

Even little madam wanted to play mainly because there was a pink truck included and that was the one little man wanted to crush more lol.

Disney Princess Palace Pets Review

Little madam really loves all her Disney Movies and all the princesses so when i had the chance to review Disney Princess Pets i couldn't say no.

We were sent a lovely collection.
Firstly let me tell you about these pets they all belong to a Disney princess and have some of the features of the Princess the belong to in some way.

So there are a few to collect,We were sent one from each collection,

Talking & Singing Pets: Treasure,Berry and Pumpkin
Primp & Pamper Ponies: Petit, Bloom and Bibbidy.
Furry Tail Friends: Pumpkin, Blossom,Teacup, Beauty, Berry and Treasure.
And you also have the Pamper & Beauty Salon

First one to show you is

Petit who is a Primp and Pamper pony,Belle found this little pony on a winter day strolling near the frozen lake and took her back to the palace so she could rest,she is adventurous but she does not have an easy going temperament.She can be strong willed and doesn't let anyone ride her except of course Belle.

She comes with 1 tiara(detachable),1 brush,1 jewelry box which can store her hair clips and madam put her tiara in ther too,3 hair clips.
 She has a beautiful long tail that can be braided and brushed  her head moves and she has a very sparkly ribbon on her tail nicely made and will stand alot of wear and tear.

Shoes shoes and more shoes :-)

How was your weekend?
Mine was good the kiddies decided they were going to spend some time with their cousins which gave me and hubby a chance to do a little shopping.

First of all i wanted to get rid of a couple of store gift cards that i have kept for around a year i did not see much point in spending them there was £5 on each so i thought maybe while we were out i could grab some new earrings or something so first stop was Topshop

I found a bright colour pair of shoes i thought i would grab as hey i love shoes and they were £5 down from £16 so i thought it was a good deal.

 Next was on to New Look

As i went in i decided to ask them to check if there was £5 on it i do not know why but they lady at the checkout told me you have £15 on there,i was shocked as i would of spent it sooner had i known lol but with what i picked up i got a really good deal.

In their sale part i of course went straight to the shoes now it was hard to find the right size but my hubby found me some lovely pairs that i did not see so first up with have

These are a light purple and i love them :-) they were £17.99 down to just £5

#Zackandquack Party Is Today 3:45pm Make Sure You Join Us.

Morning everyone so today is party day i have so much to get done as well as everything i want to do online first thing is a nice cup of coffee lol

I had to ask the kids what they and their friends wanted to eat i was told i should do chicken nuggets and chips and they want orange juice well its their party :-), so i also have potatoes to peel and chips to make (i love home made ones so do my kiddies i hope their friends are happy with it) also i am not going out and buying little chicken nuggets i have bigger battered chicken that they can have so lets hope they go down ok.

Next i have to sort out everything in to the activities so i do not have to do that later.
Also i have friday competitions i want to enter so lets see how much i can get done before 3PM the race is on lol.

Have a great day and i hope to see you online at the party.

 Remember to Join us on twitter Friday 7th feb 3:45pm-5:45pm and Make sure to follow myself kayadeola and UKMumstv and use the #zackandquack hashtag. you should use this in all tweets concerning the party or just to see what is going on.

#ZackandQuack Twitter Party Whats In The Box

We received our party box yesterday and its packed with lots of goodies to enjoy at the party so let me show you whats inside.

We have

1  large box
6 of 4" x4" boxes
4 of 6" x 6" boxes
2 of 10" x 8" boxes
1 A1 sheet of card
1 and a half cardboard tubes
1 sheet of bubble wrap (promptly hidden from dogs and kiddies that love jumping on it yes i have strange dogs lol)
4 large paper plates
4 small paper plates

Sunday Roast With Knorr Gravy Pots Celebrating Product Of The Year

Its been a while since we had a Sunday roast mainly because of Christmas and not wanting to see another roast for a while but last week i got an email from the lovely team from Knorr letting me know that Their   innovative Gravy Pots have been awarded Product of the Year in the Gravy & Stock category! Product of the Year is the world’s largest consumer-voted award for product innovation – products which save time and really hit the spot with consumers And as you can imagine they are really excited.

In celebration they were kind enough to send us a wonderful Sunday roast dinner hamper to enjoy along with some Knorr gravy pots to make some tasty gravy that really tastes homemade.

It came with on Saturday morning the kiddies were more excited than me to see what was in there lol.

Comicsus Great Gift For Valentines.

I found an amazing company For gifts that are really personal and you all know by now i am a sucker for a personalised gift.

If you are like me and want to give something as a gift that has had a lot of thought and work put in to it then is for you.Here is a little about them from Their website.

"We are not a limited company, we’re just a bunch of friendly hard working people living in the hearth of Scotland, Edinburgh and here you see the fruits of our collective labour. Only we can offer reasonably priced hand drawn personalised illustrations. We create all of our work from scratch so it would definitely be a unique gift for yourself or your loved one.
Our star is a professional artist Sam who has already had a chance to work with some famous commercial clients when creating different illustrations, comic books and animation. He can also help you with commercial advertising material, corporate website cartoons, caricatures or any other like of drawings."

Zack & Quack Party Friday You Are All Invited To Join Us

Friday 7th Febuary  3:45-5:45 pm come and Join myself,my kiddies their friends,UKMumstv and some other great bloggers to our Zack & Quack Twitter Party you know how we love these kinds of parties,

This party is based around the UK premiere of a brand new TV series, Zack & Quack, which takes place in a cardboard pop-up world where Zack interacts with his paper world in ingenious ways; constantly finding creative ways to solve any problem.

UK premiere is at 4:30pm on Nick Jr.

We will be having a party here at my house and my kiddies have invited their friends so make sure you tune in on Nick Jr, During the party there will be online spot competitions and more fun and games to take part in, so make sure your laptop or PC is ready to go as the party starts. 
Make sure to follow myself kayadeola and UKMumstv and use the #zackandquack hashtag. you should use this in all tweets concerning the party or just to see what is going on.

I will be posting more this week i look forward to tweeting with you all on the day.

Remember Friday 7th 3:45-5:45 pm

Getting to know my readers better and getting to know me :-)

OK so i want to get to know my readers better so each week i will ask a tell you a few things about me and i would like it if you could answer the same questions a quick and simple way to get to know each other.
This week is for all the lovely bloggers i have been getting to know,also every week i will feature a blog that i have enjoyed reading over the last few weeks. 

1,What do you enjoy about Blogging?

Getting to try things i would never of thought of before and the people i get to meet along the way.

2,How long have you been blogging for?

1 year and around 4 months not long but i have learn't a lot and met some great bloggers.

3,Every week share a blog that you have enjoyed reading the last week and why.

Well this week i will have to pick  Robin from massholemommy,The reason would be because she has alot of great posts that i enjoy reading especially about Her family and Their adventures you can check out Her great blog Here

Mass Hole Mommy
So i will not do to many questions 3 per week i think will be enough please feel free to add your answers in the comments if you do not feel you want to answer a question then you do not have too :-)

Have a great day