Happy Friday!!

Wishing you all a fun filled weekend

I have not had time to do so many updates and posts this week as it has been extremely busy,
Lots to come next month hopefully more competitions,i also have some great new reviews coming.

As you can see i have now managed to sort my top tabs and put all of my posts and reviews in to the different tabs so much easier to find things that are of interest.

Also if anyone wants to contact me regarding reviews or anything else please use the contact form and i will get back to you asap.

See you all in February :-) 

Music Monday

And its that time again lol.

Well it has taken me a while to decide what to put on here and have had a couple from hubs so i will again choose one from him and one from me,

 Hubs Choice.

Journey Of A Thousand Miles ft. Don Jazzy and Wande Coal - D'Prince

My choice,

Fuse ODG - Come Closer ft. Wande Coal


So thats the choices this week which would you pick as the one you would enjoy listening to?  

Have a great week everyone.

Yay Its Friday

Do not quite know why i am so happy its Friday as i am going to be just as busy as every other day this weekend but hey never mind lol.

So i wanted to show you all something that i got this morning.

I was sent a copy of PetFocus This is a great magazine filled with tips and advice on all your pet needs there is Ask a vet section and even a childrens magazine inside.

 Well anyway the reason that i am showing you this is because of the reason i was sent this.
My 2 lovely Dogs are in it just a little pic but still made me smile :-)

You can check out PetFocus Here


Make sure you stock your bathroom and make-up bag with these Valentine’s products from Oriflame if you’re planning a hot date – or an even steamier night in.

Oriflame’s aphrodisiac perfume Love Potion is the embodiment of seduction. Perfect to increase desire and passion! The fragrance has an oriental character and is based on two well-known aphrodisiac ingredients - ginger and chocolate. The sensuality of the scent is provided by ginger and spices from India, as well as exotic aromas of slightly sweet cocoa flowers, fresh tangerine, tender lily and vanilla.

Float away on a cloud of passion with Oriflame’s Love Potion Massage Oil. Infused with the matching fragrance’s enticing elixir of ginger, cocoa flower and chocolate, this sensual massage oil sets the scene for a night of pure passion!

What could be more fitting for Valentine’s Day than something dubbed ‘Tender Care’ Oriflame’s legendary best-seller, born in 1980, is packed with a unique blend of protective ingredients all chosen for their ability to help nourish, soothe and condition skin. This special blackcurrant-scented edition instantly restores softness to dry, sore or roughened elbows, hands and most crucially, lips.

There’s no better way to look stunning for that Valentine’s Day date than to wear the colour of love on your lips! Oriflame’s Colour Drop Lipstick combines a feminine and glamorous finish with stunning, bold colours, precisely following the contours of every woman’s lips.
Thanks to its unique, innovative new packaging, Colour Drop Lipstick will maintain its shape time after time, giving you a lipstick you can rely on. With perfect precision, finish and colour time after time, your lips will dazzle with perfection this Valentine’s Day!

Prep your body with this luxurious shower cream with a delicate fruity floral fragrance. This sumptuous soap-free shower cream gently cleanses skin while getting you in the mood for romance.

Check out Sweet Rage Beautiful Handmade Creations

I love to find different things the more unusual the better when i cam across Sweet rage i fell in love.

What is she on about you are probably all thinking well let me tell you a little.

Sweet rage is an online boutique featuring colourful, handcrafted jewellery, all single-handedly designed and produced, in a little town in the VERY north of Scotland by a lovely lady by the name of Ilka,Now Ilka makes all the pieces using polymer clay she gets her inspiration from sweet nibbles, a feisty nature and today's Japanese Kawaii culture!.

Ilka very kindly sent me a lovely gift to have a look at and i love it.

Doc McStuffins Mini Clinic Playset review

For those of you that do not know who Doc McStuffins is here is a little info.
Doc McStuffins is an animated series on Disney Junior that has taken the US and UK by storm.

Dottie 'Doc' McStuffins is a six year old girl, who 'fixes' toys with a little help from her stuffed animal friends, Stuffy, Hallie, Lambie and Chilly.
Doc McStuffins is an uber-empathetic bundle of energy and a problem solver - she's busy looking for solutions before even knowing what your problems are. She's got an old-fashioned earnestness and a 'can do' spirit!

You may of seen that a while back we were sent  Doc McStuffins Magic Talking Check Up Set
to review and little madam fell in love with it and still plays with it alot,so when we were asked if we would like to review another toy from the range i could not say no (if little madam found out and i said no she would not be impressed with me lol).

ChillFactor Ice Cream Maker

With summer fast approaching and hopes for some lovely hot weather what could be nicer to enjoy than homemade ice cream,Sorbets or Frozen yoghurts.

Thats where the amazing ChillFactor ice cream maker comes in thanks to Character Options.

 With the amazing ChillFactor™ Ice Cream Maker you can make your very own ice cream treats at home in minutes – no mess, no fuss! Simply freeze the Ice Cream Maker, add your ingredients, give it a little shake then squeeze, squeeze, squeeze!

Check Out My Amazing Custom Caricatoon From caricatoons.co.uk

Hey everyone,so you all know how much i love a personalised gift anything i can put my own twist on so that its not the same as other peoples well i have been lucky enough to review a custom caricatoon from Shaun Raven over at caricatoons.co.uk.Shaun is a Cartoonist who uses digital techniques as well as good ol fashion hand drawings. Also He is a Member of the Cartoonists Club Of Great Britain.

What is a Caricatoon i hear you asking?

A Caricatoon is a kind of cartoon created especially for a specific individual, usually depicting that person in a humorous situation (although this is not essential).  Caricatoons are usually A4/A3 in size, and are designed to be framed (which can be supplied, ready to be presented to your intended recipient), but they can also be used to create personalized mugs, t-shirts - whatever you like!. Caricatoon art can range from full blown in-your-face cartoons, through to exaggerated caricature style.

Music Monday

Wow well we are back to Monday again so here is a couple of tracks for you to enjoy this weekend,

My choice is

$ound Knockdown - $KD - If No Be You

 And Hubs choice this week is

Dr. Victor Olaiya - Baby Mi Da (Baby Jowo) remix ft 2Face Idibia

 Which one do you like best?

That's 2 for this week that are being played a lot in the house have a great week everyone :-)








Olly the Little White Van


What or who is Olly the little white van you must be wondering..well for you that do not know Olly just as his names says suggests he is an animated little white van.and Olly has his own tv show.

OLLY THE LITTLE WHITE VAN is a pre-school show 100% written,
designed and animated 100% in the UK.

My lucky kiddies have been able to watch some very exiting episodes thanks to a dvd they were sent so lets explain a bit more about the show.

Olly the Little White Van helps his friends as much as he can.  He isn’t a racing car or fire engine, but he and his driver Stan are very good at helping everyone out, every day.    Like an enthusiastic puppy he bounds around the village of Bumpton talking to everyone, and is happiest when he is setting up a new bus service to the seaside, helping Alice when she is preparing for her driving test, or sprucing up an old VW. 

I need more hours in the day and my fav Christmas Gift

Ok so i do not really understand where this whole week has gone its now 12pm Thursday i feel like i have got nothing done and my to do list is getting longer i have even started setting times to start and finish things but it is not working out because something else always comes up.
Tomorrow is a really busy day for me and i want to keep away from the computer this weekend but i have a feeling that since the little ones are at their grandparents that i will be tempted to get on here lol.

In fact i do not know where the month has rushed off to and we are all now talking about valentines i have also already been seeing Easter eggs in the stores give me a break lol. 


With Valentines day around the corner you may be wondering what do you get the person you love that will be special well i have just the company to help you out.

Premier Engraved Gifts, Is a family run bespoke engraving business from South Yorkshire,They offer Free Engraving And Free Delivery, If you are someone that likes to go in to a shop and not order online well with Them you can pop in to their shop and they will engrave your gifts while you wait (5-15 mins or up to an hour if you have a large order or they are really busy).

Music Monday

Hello everyone how was your weekend? i hope you all had a great one the weather here was not so great but we managed to find quite a bit to do indoors.

So time for this weeks music i had some help as i could not decide which tracks to put on here so first one was chosen by little man and madam as they seem to love this one and are always dancing around to it.

Iyanya - Le Kwa Ukwu

From Hubby we have this next one which i like also

Kcee - Okoso

 Next well i do not know what to choose from my ever growing playlist i think i will add,

Bei Maejor - Gone



Which one is your fav if you check these out or whats you must have track this week :-)

Have a great week everyone.

Woolly & Tig App for Apple Devices Review

Little man loves the CBeebies show Woolly & Tig and i am sure most of you know it but for those of you that do not it is all about the tales of a 3 year old girl named Tig and her toy spider named woolly.

Now there is a great fun and interactive app for your children to enjoy on iPad or iPhone so that your child has their own interactive Woolly and little man really loves this app there was lots of laughing and now he has decided he wants everything to do with Woolly and Tig lol.

Dogs Trust partners with Models Own Limited Edition Nail Varnish Competition

If you read my last post Here You will of found out about the wonderful partnership between Dogs Trust and Models Own to create a limited Edition nail varnish with all of the profits going to Dogs Trust.

Even better 10 of you can win 1 bottle of nail varnish each 
Good luck to you all UK entrants only please.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Monday and Some Music.

Finally back to normal after all the little holidays and Christmas although it was a lot harder for everyone to get out of bed this morning,Kiddies are back to school they really love going which is good because as a kid i remember hating every second of it i would much rather have been doing stuff outside and having fun like i am sure so many of others did.

What was everyone's New Years Resolutions?
I really do not like to make ones i know i am really not going to do so just a few i have decided on,

1 To eat a little more healthy (add the odd salad here and there and i have been doing this ok so far) but i have said i can still eat as much chocolate as i want as that is one temptation i can not give up lol.

2.To do more things that scare me like go bungee jumping or some thing like that.

3.I really need to make a bucket list i am thinking maybe try to find 100 things and try and do 1 a month yep i know that will be a good amount of years but its a goal lol.

Dogs Trust partners with Models Own to launch limited edition nail varnish.

As you all know i love dogs and i have my 2 wonderful dogs that we rescued ourselves Belinda was just  4 months old when we found her she is nearly 3 now,and Bolt well he is about 5 or 6 now.

So when i got asked if i would like to include Dogs Trust partnering with Models Own i was more than happy to.