How are you all

How is everyone today?

I am mega tired woke up to things crashing around at 5am and did not sleep since the wheelie bins flew away and tipped rubbish everywhere so thats not going to be fun to clean up,the fence is half gone and i nearly blew away walking the dogs lol.

I really want to get some work done but i feel really i should be going back to sleep kiddies slept through it and are now at school since it is only a short walk from the house,Luckily we still have our power unlike a lot of houses further up north.

Well i think i am ust going to chill out for a bit no point trying to clean up as the wind is still blowing,to everyone that is experiencing this and worse stay safe :-)

Have a great day

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  1. I wish you the best!!
    I'm having a rough morning too, as I've finally weened myself off of a heavy medication, but the withdrawal side effects are horrid. And the itching, oh my gosh the itching!! D: