Happy Friday :-)

How was your Christmas?

Ours was very eventful what with weather and other things going on that ended up not being the greatest of Christmas's but we made the most of it and the kiddies loved all their toys and presents now they are with their grandparents till the new year :-).

One of my fav presents this year from hubby was my new laptop table its one you can move and twist so that you can even lay in bed and use the laptop with out having to keep it on your lap it keeps hold of it so you can position the laptop however you want so now i no longer have to sit at the same desk on the same annoying chair lol,also it will be great in the summer to take it outside.

 So not long until the New Year and another few days off work for some people to be honest what is the point in going back to work on a Friday to leave again and not come back for nearly a week.so now time to get back on track and start sorting this Blog out.

Have a great day and happy Friday


  1. Aww sorry your Christmas wasn't the best but sounds like you made the best of it!! The laptop desk sounds fab!!
    Happy Friday xx

    1. Thanks Lovely,Hope you had a lovely time..i will put some pics up of it soon thing is my phone memory is full with videos and photos already really must work on putting them on the computer lol :-)