Daxon Taillissime Ladies Quilted Parka Review

As you may of noticed by the badge on my sidebar i am a Daxon VIP Blogger I was asked if i would like to review something from Their website i decided i needed a new coat and i wanted something that would be really warm,

They have so much to choose from that it took me a little while but i finally settled on this lovely one,

Quilted Parka

This is a great addition to any winter wardrobe,When it came it came on a hanger and with a bag covering,i always like when something comes on a hanger because we are always in short supply here and we have a separate rail for all our coats so would of needed one,
I really love this jacket its padded which makes it really warm and it is also 100cm long which is great i love something that is this length.

The wide cowl neck is great keeps your neck nice and warm.

Also take a look at the Dual fabric sleeves with embroidery.

100% polyester,This is size 14 which is the smallest size they have but this goes up to a size 32 and it comes in just the black but i do not think it would look nice in any other colour.
It fits really well its slim fitting which flatters the figure,Its really nice and i am very surprised how much i really like it.
If you would like to find out more check it out here Quilted Parka 
The price for this is £99 and i think that is really worth it as i think this will be something you could wear for years not like some other jackets that you buy and the  next year you need a new one.

Daxon offer a next day delivery service which means you will not have to wait long for your chosen items and also Free returns,As well as womens clothing and shoes Daxon also have menswear,homeware and healthcare.

Make sure you head on over to Daxon to check out more.

What do you think of this jacket is it something you could see yourself wearing?



  1. I love the length. I am always looking for a heavier coat that falls below my backside.

  2. That quilted parka is lovely and looks so warm. We are having a horrible winter and I know that would keep me warm and toasty.

  3. I love longer lengths - my legs are always cold. This would be great for the endless winter we're having!

  4. I love the long length on the parka. On top of that, it looks amazingly warm.

  5. I have a quilted parka and I like it. It's an odd color though (kind of a bittersweet brown). I like the color of yours much better!!

  6. I love that it's a puffy parka but still fashionable. I'll have to look into this website.

  7. That is a lovely parka. It looks nice & warm, too!

  8. Ah should have taking a picture of you wearing =) I love the style! Very nice coat!

  9. That looks very warm and gorgeous on you!

  10. My mom has something similar. It doesn't have the embroidery on the sleeve and it's a bit longer. I swear everyone's always asking her where she brought it. It might be this company. It's her go to jacket.

  11. The parka is gorgeous and I love all the beaded details. I wish I could have that.