Goodbye till next year

Well this is the last blog post of 2013 and what an amazing year it has been,very busy but alot of great things have happened,thank you to you all for reading and i look forward to getting back to blogging next year,Also thank you to everyone i got to work with this year and look forward to working with you all again.

So from my family to you and yours HAPPY NEW YEAR

Happy Friday :-)

How was your Christmas?

Ours was very eventful what with weather and other things going on that ended up not being the greatest of Christmas's but we made the most of it and the kiddies loved all their toys and presents now they are with their grandparents till the new year :-).

One of my fav presents this year from hubby was my new laptop table its one you can move and twist so that you can even lay in bed and use the laptop with out having to keep it on your lap it keeps hold of it so you can position the laptop however you want so now i no longer have to sit at the same desk on the same annoying chair lol,also it will be great in the summer to take it outside.

 So not long until the New Year and another few days off work for some people to be honest what is the point in going back to work on a Friday to leave again and not come back for nearly a now time to get back on track and start sorting this Blog out.

Have a great day and happy Friday

December is so busy Happy Christmas

Hey everyone sorry i have not been here for a while there is so much going on here i will be back in the new year to start afresh just to much going on at the moment to be able to sit and do anything here so lots of updates once Christmas is out of the way,we have a packed house not managed to do much of the advent comps only twitter at the moment because i can do it on my phone where ever i am lol.

Weather is really windy and bad lots of rain hope you are all staying safe.

Happy Christmas to you all thanks for all your support and sticking with my blog over the last year bigger and better to come next year :-)


How are you all

How is everyone today?

I am mega tired woke up to things crashing around at 5am and did not sleep since the wheelie bins flew away and tipped rubbish everywhere so thats not going to be fun to clean up,the fence is half gone and i nearly blew away walking the dogs lol.

I really want to get some work done but i feel really i should be going back to sleep kiddies slept through it and are now at school since it is only a short walk from the house,Luckily we still have our power unlike a lot of houses further up north.

Well i think i am ust going to chill out for a bit no point trying to clean up as the wind is still blowing,to everyone that is experiencing this and worse stay safe :-)

Have a great day

Daxon Taillissime Ladies Quilted Parka Review

As you may of noticed by the badge on my sidebar i am a Daxon VIP Blogger I was asked if i would like to review something from Their website i decided i needed a new coat and i wanted something that would be really warm,

They have so much to choose from that it took me a little while but i finally settled on this lovely one,

Quilted Parka

Advent Competitions

Morning everyone,i know most of you that are bloggers also enter competitions and this month is a very busy one for us,here are just a few of the advent competitions going on.

Good luck

Heart Advent

British Turkey

Total Merchandise

Channel 5  




Thats just a few but i will try my best to put up some more i am really really busy at the mo.

Happy 1st of the month

Happy December everyone this is going to be an extra busy month i have some reviews coming up and competitions to run,lots of competitions to enter and a party to plan for the 13th,

So bear with me if you see lack of updates but i will be doing my best lol.

Have a lovely day