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Friday Nights are always just myself and my husband so we tend to watch movies have a drink etc we love to have a takeaway but do not enjoy having to go out and sit in the takeaway waiting on an order and then to bring it back home,Or there is the problem of what we want to eat who delivers and if we even have any of the menus most of the ones i get through the door are binned (to avoid temptation lol)Well that has all changed thanks to the amazing hungryhouse 

With more than 10,000 restaurants hungryhouse, ordering food delivery from your local takeaway has never been easier. From Birmingham to Glasgow,London to Manchester, hungryhouse has partnered with the finest takeaway restaurants from across Britain to ensure that with a simple postcode search you can start ordering delicious takeaway in minutes.

When i was offered a chance to review them i was not going to say no how nice to just be able to order online and not have to do any cooking.

Using the platform  is very simple; just pop in your postcode and you will be shown all the restaurants that serve where you live. You can sort them in order of ratings, which is what I did. I enjoy reading other customers reviews, and I liked being able to select who I wanted to order from based on those opinions
Using hungryhouse  is so simple you put in your postcode and up comes a list of all the restaurants you can order from in your area.
You can list them in order of reviews also which i like to be able to read as there was a place we had been wanting to try but people had said some not good things about them so we avoided them.

Once you've chosen your restaurant, you can then build your order from the menu, which is really easy with the use of tabs down the left hand side that separate the different types of food available.

Also i like that you can choose delivery or collection so if lets say for example hubby was out shopping i can order and get him to grab it on his way home.

We chose delivery it was simple and easy to order even if your chosen restaurant is closed you can pre order,which your order will go to them as soon as they are open.

You can pay by card or if you like you can still give cash on delivery or if you want to collect you can pay then too.

We decided to order kebab as we had not had one in a long time,we ordered around 5pm once the order had gone through we had an email to say it was being processed and then an email to say the restaurant had the order and it was successful and what time to deliver our time was 6-6:10pm it came by 10 to 6 which i was really happy for as i was really hungry as had not eaten all day. 
Hungryhouse also has order tracking which lets you know the status of your order by refreshing the page,

Also another great thing about hungryhouse is you can buy vouchers to give to someone as a gift you know for the people who have everything lol,Available in £5 to £75 which would also be great as a Christmas gift or maybe Christmas dinner thats what i think i want to do this year no cooking allowed :-).

hungryhouse is a great website easy to use and so far one of the best i have used, i was very impressed with them.

Before i finish i am sure you would love to see what we had lol.

What you can not really see is under the Donner meat we had chicken and lamb also they had put 3 small lamb chops in there much to our surprise as we did not expect that at all not that we was complaining mushrooms,peppers and grilled onions then pitta bread and salad.

So if your hungry head on over to hungryhouse here
 Thanks to hungryhouse for the voucher towards the cost of our meal the thoughts and opinions written here are my own.

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