Interplays My Style Pick 'n' Mix Jewellery Review

Little Madam was really excited when we received this to review.

 The Pick ‘n’ Mix Jewellery Kit makes really fun fashion accessories that are great to wear and share with friends.
Make colourful beads using self-adhesive felt to create up to eight fabulous jewellery pieces. You can even mix and match the different felts to make your very own designs! Perfect to give as gifts or to model yourself! There’s even a plastic storage box provided to keep your projects safe!.

Whats in the box

  • 120 Felt Strips x 8 colours
  • 170 Felt Squares x 8 colours
  • Toothpicks
  • Organza Ribbon
  • Stretch Jewellery Cord
  • Black Jewellery Cord
  • Jump Rings
  • Clasps
  • Clamshell Clasps
  • Ear Hooks
  • 24 page colour instruction booklet

We have had alot of fun trying this out i am not always very good with crafts but with easy to follow instructions and little madam being able to do it why cant i well ok so i let her do it all and just helped with the fiddly bits.

You can make earrings,bracelets and necklaces,

We made some lovely little earrings it is quite a difficult set when you are trying to make the round sweets as the felt does not always stick together the square sweets are easy enough.

Madam would like to make a bracelet next so we will show you once it has done i think hubby should sit and give this a go with her lol..this set is really great and the sweets look really good and like the real thing so much so that they wrote on the box Not Edible lol.

RRP is £ 12.99
For Ages 8+
Check out Interplay for more info.

This we are giving 9/10 madam enjoyed it and really loves her earrings and is so proud of herself that she made them.May need alot of patience to do this.

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