Christmas time means a big party :-)

Hello you lot,how are you all?I know i know i have been quiet well thats because i have been so busy and am very tired but i will let you in everything really soon.

Well on the 13th of December we are having our Christmas Blog Party as some of you know :-) there will be 8 of us altogether,I have had some amazing companies offering their products and also we will be getting you all to join in with a couple of competitions and tweeting along with us :-).

Yesterday hubby had some time off so we were able to go to the cash and carry my favorite place :-)

It was mainly to get some of the juice drinks to mix with alcohol etc of course we cam out with a lot more here are just a few.

Now what would a party be without some chocolate,

Yay a whole 48 bars of yummy for £7.99 great deal, except it was a bad idea to buy them so soon as 3 have already gone missing and that is because of me :-) now hubby has hidden them so me or the kiddies can not find them till party time.

This is red cola i just wanted it because i have not had it in a long time and it was only £2.38 for  2 liter bottles.

£4 something for 6 orange juice with the bits tastes so much better and i have already taken one i mean you have to make sure they are fine and taste good you do not want complaints from your guests well thats my excuse lol.

More juice we have all sorts in here,peach,mango,papaya,coconut,banana,tropical and goodness knows what else but i still do not think there is enough there.

Got 4 bags of this hot and spicy chicken wings we thought we would try them when we got home well i totally underestimated how hot they really were,normally things here say hot and spicy and it really tastes like its plain,well this is an international cash and carry so they do not really have UK flavour food lol all i can say is my mouth was on fire and that is why there is a carton of orange juice missing it took nearly all of it to cool my mouth down and i only had one piece lol.

Evil little things lol.

Hot and spicy chicken burgers these are not so hot they taste just like the chicken burgers you get in kebab shops £2,49 for 12 is quite good so we got a couple of packs.

Hubby got some other stuff his kinda food :-),

Soon i will be posting about the companies that are helping out and pics of the party goodies i am really excited but now i have to find some more goodies for you lot for competitions.

Have a great friday night whatever you are doing and see you all soon.

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