Choc on choc White Chocolate Reindeers

You all know how much i love chocolate and well since its coming up to Christmas I thought i would show you these lovely little chocolates,

Choconchoc   Started in 2003 by father Kerr and Daughter Flo They Have a great range on tasty looking chocolate with amazing designs I was lucky to be sent a box of White Chocolate Reindeers they are really cute don't you think? i love Rudolf's red nose and they taste even better.

  • Handmade from white & dark Belgian chocolate
  • Shelf life 1 year (Seriously hubby hid these from me after i tried 2 and what he does not know is there is just an empty box in his hiding place hey you can not hide chocolate from me lol )
  • 9 chocolates in a box
  • Box size 10cm x 10cm
  • Weight 110g
  • Contains natural carmine colouring
  • Gluten free  
 Now i am going to include a short video from the website that explains how Flo and Kerr got started in this business as they can explain it much better than me but first let me just say how amazing it is to see a father and daughter working together Hand making these chocolates and the designs. appreciated the chocolate more because i knew that time effort and care really went in to making each and everyone,The designs available are amazing and lots of fun ones,Also being a true British company is what makes them even more special.

I really love this igloo one its really cute and fun and an amazing design,

Hmmm Love you more than chocolate that would be so hard to find anyone to give this too apart from the little ones and hubby well maybe i could give him half as its a tough choice him or chocolate that i have to think about...just joking :-) lol.

The quality of the chocolate is good and also i love the packaging.I will be buying from Choc on choc in the future but will have to be very careful not to eat any of them if they are supposed to be for someone else lol.

Choc on Choc’s unique creations are stocked in over 200 retailers in the UK and abroad in Japan, USA, Australia and across Europe.

Please Head on over and check them out.

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  1. Those Chocolate Reindeers look so cute!! Tasty looking too :) x