Scooby-Doo Adventures,The Mystery Map

  All-new Scooby-Doo! puppet movie launches this Halloween available from 21st October 2013.

This spooky season, get ready to experience the world famous Scooby-Doo!
and the crew like never before, in an original movie with a brand new puppet format.

Adventures The Mystery Map DVD sees new-look Scooby and the
gang embark on a mad, pizza-fuelled dash to find pirate Gnarlybeard's hidden treasure.

 Confronting more than a few chilling obstacles along the way, watch as the slobbering-sleuth and his band of crime-busting puppet pals sniff out theclues, only to have the map stolen by the frightening Phantom Parrot.Ruh-roh!

 The gang must track down the mysterious bird to recover the map if they
ever want to reach the spooky ship. But, once on-board, what will Gnarlybeard
be willing to do to protect his booty? 

Includes bonus cartoons: The Backstage Rage and Robopup,

We were lucky to get our hands on a copy first we watched it last night on the big screen projector so excuse the picture but my phone is not so good in the dark :-)

Its around 43 minutes long and easy for the little ones to keep up with so much that it was played twice,Not so much scary as funny,it got plenty of laughs along the way, Its great that its puppets rather than the normal Scooby.

 When asked the little ones said they like this better than normal Scooby-Doo and they got very involved with the movies shouting things at different points cheering and laughing.

Be warned Adults may also get caught up in watching it :-) lol.

*Disclosure i received a copy of the movies for review all thought and opinions are my own *

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