Santa`s Rooftop Scramble Board Game

I know we are not past halloween yet but i had to show you something we was sent from the lovely Ravensburger.

 So first off this is a game for 2-6 players and age 5+,
Contents inside the box are,
Playing Board
6 Santa Playing Pieces
Letters to Santa Cards
Rooftop Cards
Surprise Cards
Transport Cards
Present Tokens
Instruction Booklet

Its a simple and fun game basically from the very easy instructions you set up as follows,each player chooses a Santa piece,and is giving 5 letter to Santa cards,
  The letter to Santa cards are now your List but first before you can deliver the presents, you Have visit Santas workshop and collect all the presents you need.

Each person takes it in turns to spin the spinner and if it lands on a present that is on your list, take the correct present token.If you are lucky and land on the Santa picture you can collect all of the presents you need in one go.
Once you have all of the presents you Santa needs you can then move to the start and begin the journey scrambling across rooftops, delivering presents as fast as you can.
When Santa lands on a house number that is on your list, you may deliver the present/s down the rooftop.

And the rooftop chimneys are little cards with slots in that you place over the segments in the box.

So it would not be as much fun without the Transport and Surprise cards that pop up along the way as we all know Santa does not always have it easy lol.

These Cards can either be a good thing meaning your Santa may get to deliver a present right away or could slow down your progress,The winner is the first one to deliver all their presents,
 A really good game for all the family to enjoy and will be great in the run up to Christmas and will probably become a firm favorite in this house.

RRP £19.99

Santa's Roof Top Scramble is available to buy from Amazon  

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