Popchips Review

I love crisps but still like to try to be as healthy as possible so when I heard about Popchips, I really wanted to try them.

Popchips have less than half the fat of normal crisps, (eg walkers cheese and onion approx 184, popchips 94) no trans fats and no cholesterol and all the flavorings are natural.

 Never fried. never baked. the potato chips are popped (like popcorn). with all the flavour and less than half the fat of fried crisps and less than 100 calories per serving, you’ll taste why they’re winning awards (and acclaim).

naturally delicious.  no fake colours, no fake flavours, no preservatives, They only use ingredients you can feel good about eating and leave out the bag stuff like hydrogenated oils and msg that give snacking a bad name.

Created in california and now popping in the uk, popchips are a naturally delicious line of popped potato chips. never fried. never baked.  popchips are popped with heat and pressure for a snack so crispy and delicious you won’t even notice it’s (we hesitate to say) healthier. taste why for yourself at waitrose, ocado, sainsburys, tesco, boots, starbucks, wh smith (stations and airports), planet organic, whole foods markets, booths and now in universities across the uk. 

with seven great, taste-bud popping flavours, including original, barbeque, salt & vinegar, sour cream & onion, salt & pepper,thai sweet chilli and katy’s kettle cornthere’s a different flavour for everyone’s tastes.

I was lucky enough to receive some Popchips and well i love them soooo tasty and even addictive

I love the box and especially the terms and conditions part on the side lol.

Yum Yum where do i start hmmmm well i think the Barbeque ones

Mmmm we need Smell-O-Blog lol these smell delicious but hey you will have to go out and get your own these are my guilt free crisps :-) no one is going to get their hands///or paws thanks to Belinda trying to give me her paw and drooling everywhere lol.

  I really do not have the words to describe how good these are i just love them...Hold on another thing i read on the website is that you should get yourself a good chip clip or whatever you want to call it hold the bag closed once opened to keep fresh if you have not finished it,

Errr seriously you have actually eaten your own product right??? As if they would last even 5 minutes once the packet is open lol.

Here is also some information that has been shared with me that is quite interesting.

Popchips has recently revealed that we are a nation of ‘snackered’ workers (knackered + in need
of food = snackered), meaning that the average worker is reaching for the
snack cupboard at least twice a day to keep them going. ‘Snackered’ workers are tucking into a pick-me-up at 11.30am – and again by 3pm, and over three quarters of brits agree a snack helps to boost energy levels!

 Some other interesting stats from the study include:
one in ten sneaky employees admitted that when previously experiencing an energy slump they have faked an illness so they can go
home early.
fifty five per cent of Brits agreed that eating smelly food is the number one bad habit closely followed by noisy eaters (40 per cent).
 six per cent choose to hide and snack privately in the bathroom or toilet.

top tips for avoiding the snackered slump
1.      be prepared. have snacks ready for when energy slumps hit. 

2.      check the small print. looks for snacks that won’t blow your daily calorie intake. at less than 100 calories a pack popchips are an ideal snackered treat!
3.      get moving. keep your snacks away from your desk so you go for a walk to pick them up. a quick break from the computer can do wonders!

4.    snack tasty. keep healthy yummy snacks accessible. if you deny yourself your favourite snacks, you’ll just need up craving for them and over-doing it. try popcorn, a small packet of nuts and raisins, popchips, olives, a handful of almonds or frozen tubes of fromage-frais.

RRP from 69p for single serve and £2.00 for a share bag.

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They also have competitions to from time to time so keep and eye out

*Disclaimer i was sent some of this product to review all opinions are my own*


  1. I seriously love PopChips. I first tried them a few years ago at a blogger event and I've been hooked ever since. They are a perfect snack!

  2. I bet I would really like these. I am more for the plain ones but they look so light and airy. Perfect for a snack.

  3. If I just published a random comment I apologise I just clicked down to the bottom and it's telling me my comment was published but I don't remember having written one!

    These look lovely I would definitely like to try the salt and vinegar ones - I need to go to the shop in a few so will keep my eyes open for some. x

  4. Those are such good snacks! My kids even love the popchips! They have a great flavor!

  5. We love Pop Chips! BBQ is my favorite flavor and I could eat an entire giant bag.

  6. I keep seeing these around and wanting to taste them. Next time I come across them I'll snag a bag.

  7. This is the first time I am hearing about popchips. I would love to try katy’s kettle corn flavor.

  8. It is sad, I could sit down and eat almost a whole bag myself! We love Popchips!

  9. We are hooked on popchips at our house. My favorite are the barbque, but the kids like the sour cream and onion.

  10. I am so addicted to these chips, the crunch and flavor are so good. I love that they are healthier too.

  11. I had these a few years back and they were amazing!

  12. I love these. They are one of my favorite snack foods.

  13. I wonder if they have these in the US. Seems like I have seen them before. If I do see them I will get some because they look great!

  14. This would be perfect for me and my family, especially since we're a family of six.

  15. I love pop chips because they are allergy safe!

  16. They sound and look like they are good. Are they available everywhere?

  17. i had pop chips before when we lived in Phoenix - really tasty!

  18. I seriously love love love Pop Chips!! I have some in my cupboard right now!!

  19. I've had the sour cream and onion ones, and they are delicious!

  20. We took a Kiddie Cruise around NYC last year and they served Pop Chips. We all fell in love with them. They have a unique and delicious taste.

  21. I find it really cool that they can pop these like popcorn! So cool! I haven't tried this brand, but haven't tried another brand and love them. I'm going to have to try Pop Chips!

  22. I have never seen them at the store! I have to look for them the next time I go shopping, they look so so delicious!