Morning or rather afternoon

So i am a bit confused today thanks to the clocks changing i woke up raring to go then realised the clocks had gone back so i had more time to rest and relax, now i was happy at the time but once i fell back asleep and did not wake up till 11am its now 12 officially afternoon and i have missed breakfast and its lunch already,we have had a lovely quite weekend just me and hubby enjoying movies and good food,but now so much to get organised and little people to sort out for tomorrow,plus i wanted to sort my hair out which is going to waste more of the day and more tv i want to watch,Ahhhhhhhhhh i hate clock change and i think so of my readers have yet to change there clocks so good luck when the time comes,i never realise how much difference an hour makes *sigh*

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone :-)

And also to this big storm that is supposed to be on its way to the south of England keep safe everyone remember not to travel unless you need to hopefully it will be gone by Tuesday,we have a little bit of strong winds and rain but it is supposed to miss us so i suppose we will just wait and see. 

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