#Madeofstarlightparty with Come Round

Who else was lucky enough to get chosen for the Come round #Madeofstarlightparty :-)

I was lucky in that i got one of the boxes when Come Round kindly found they had a few more spaces for more lucky party goers,

Anyway i got my box yesterday and here is a peek at what is inside

A 100ml bottle of Taylor by Taylor Swift perfume
A Taylor by Taylor Swift A1 poster - to be the backdrop to all party photos!
3x Party Planners detailing party competitions and prizes
10x 1.5ml Taylor by Taylor Swift perfume samples
A gorgeous neon handbag
10x Pearl necklaces
A white trilby hat with black trimming
3x Beautiful scarfs (assorted prints)
Taylor party bunting
4x Chalkboards & chalk for party competitions

I have to admit i love the bottle and i can not wait for the party to start.Hope everyone else that got chosen will have a great time with their friends too :-)

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