I love Shepherds Pie

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Today i decided on shepherds pie.
And let me just tell you now i am not one for measuring everything out i just make it all from looking at it it seems to work better for me.

 Potato's boiling and steaming up my photo lol,

1 onion and a few yummy mushrooms and some chopped garlic
 Lamb mince added around 250grams
 I do not use salt that much in this kind of food anymore i love maggi cubes taste amazing
I love the everyday value plum tomatoes put 3 or four and a little of the juice you can use tomatoe puree but i love having the tomato chunks in there.
 Potatoes ready to mash i only use butter not milk any more and lots of black pepper
 mince already and in to the oven proof dish.

 Mash potato on the top then for the best part.

Lots of cheese (for me i love cheese lol) and yes more black pepper,put under the grill until the cheese is melted to the way you like it, And you end up with

I think all in all this cost me around £5
Lamb mince reduced £1
Potatoes from the Garden
Cheese £1.50 on offer
Onions from the garden :-)
Garlic from the garden
Plum potatoes 38p
Black pepper 50p
Maggi £1 for big bag about 100 only used 2

Always check your local supermarkets for good deals i love evening shopping after 6 our Tesco always has plenty of reduced meats which i always put in the freezer and it is fine.

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