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 This is a product that i think its pretty cool may seem simple but it is a great idea,i hate when my hands are wet from whatever i am doing in the kitchen and i really need to grab some kitchen roll but since you have to use 2 hands the roll gets wet or you are trying other ways to take a piece off with one hand well anyway for me it never works and i end up having to wash/dry my hands to get a bit of kitchen roll which in the time i have done that for example if a drink has been spilled it has then run off the worktop and down the cupboard doors,bigger mess to clean.And a few minutes after it arrived guess what...yes it was needed thanks to my wonderful soda-stream the apple flavour always makes the water fizz up more than others and i was not concentrating so all over the worktop it went,Thank goodness for Ora.

Well for me those days are over and for you they could be doing...Introducing Ora kitchen towel,

Great looking design not to bulky even though it is 2 rolls in one,easy to grab with one hand no more having to tear of the pieces.

 Simply grab the loose piece with one hand as you see above,
Easy and there you have it no fuss i love it and best of all it is stylish and cheap who could ask for more,also the quality of the kitchen towel itself is very good quite tough i tested it on my worktops and on the cook even when wet it was quite strong unlike some that as soon as it gets wet falls apart and gets very messy.

It’s not unusual for Brits up and down the country to spend hundreds of pounds a time on the absolute latest kitchen gadgets and accessories to make the ultimate style-statement in the home.

Who doesn’t want their kitchen to be functional and beautiful?  From coffee machines and retro mixers to funky chopping boards, there are plenty of good looking items to choose from and this also applies to those must-have everyday household essentials.  

Now the less than elegant kitchen towel has also had a makeover with the inspirational round (yes round!) kitchen towel – Ora.  Designed to stack neatly in its quirky, cone-shaped packaging it’s certain to add a little form and function to the humble kitchen towel – and kitchen!

But as with the aesthetic aspect of all statement pieces, style and substance go hand-in-hand, which is where Ora kitchen towel has not only produced a great-looking product, but something which is fast becoming the indispensable household item.

Once the ‘grab with one hand’ individually folded round sheets have been revealed you will think again before going back to the square continuous roll which requires both hands to tear!  And with twice as many sheets to a standard kitchen roll – it’s a win win.

So, if a splash of personality runs through your kitchen then Ora kitchen towel is the ideal practical item to keep in the kitchen without ruining the look and feel of the backdrop.

Available exclusively at Tesco.

Ora Standard Stack Kitchen Towel
RRP £1.89

I love this product and for the price i will be buying some more i will be happy to give up the old kitchen roll for this one.

*Disclosure i received a sample in return for an honest review all thoughts and opinions are my own *

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