Surface view epic poster review and Giveaway worth open worldwide

I am bringing you a fab competition from the wonderful team at Surface View,

Surface View curate and remaster incredible imagery, working with famous collections and uncovering hidden gems,
From the website
" The only limit is your imagination.
With our totally bespoke interior decoration the possibilities are endless. We love the idea that you can take an old master and make it work perfectly within a modern interior Or crop and rescale an 18th Century textile design to create a unique contemporary statement. Surface View is all about playing with scale and juxtaposition."

I loved looking through the website and seeing all the amazing images.

Let me first show you what i received,

Popchips Review

Superdrug 20% Off Branded Fragrance Gift Sets This Weekend 1-4th November

Superdrug is offering 20% branded fragrance gift sets this weekend 1-4th November so get on down to your local store or online at and grab some Christmas presents early.

Also i have just been checking out the website and if you buy online there are even more amazing deals and free delivery on orders over £10,Half price products and some 100ml fragrances for £30.

Superdrug also have a three-for-two cosmetics offer on as well (ends 26th November,choose and three items from any brand and get the cheapest free)

Rimmel 60 second nail polishes are normally £3.69 but are now just £2 each untill the 5th of novemer.And they are also in the three-for-two cosmetics offer as well so any of you beauty lovers you can grab yourself three bottles for just £4 instead of £11.07.

Great Christmas Gift Ideas from Post-It Notes


 Stocking fillers are a must for everyone, no matter what your age! Whether you have young children at school or a partner who loves quirky stationery, the Post-it Brand from 3M has a fun Pop-up Z-Notes Dispenser for all the family.

The latest addition to the range will certainly add a kick to your desk! Whether you’re a workspace warrior or an office hero, the Post-it Karate Pop-up Z-Notes Dispenser (RRP £9.39) is sure to make you a black belt in organisation! A great choice for karate fans or stationery lovers who like their Post-its’ to pack a punch!

Amazing Teksta Space Jump!

Character Options is proud to introduce the “Best in Show” puppy that has got everyone talking, meet Teksta! The Robotic Puppy!

Retro Teksta: Teksta comes from a pedigree line of first class youth electronics, that wowed the world in 1999; selling over 8 million pieces! 

Morning or rather afternoon

So i am a bit confused today thanks to the clocks changing i woke up raring to go then realised the clocks had gone back so i had more time to rest and relax, now i was happy at the time but once i fell back asleep and did not wake up till 11am its now 12 officially afternoon and i have missed breakfast and its lunch already,we have had a lovely quite weekend just me and hubby enjoying movies and good food,but now so much to get organised and little people to sort out for tomorrow,plus i wanted to sort my hair out which is going to waste more of the day and more tv i want to watch,Ahhhhhhhhhh i hate clock change and i think so of my readers have yet to change there clocks so good luck when the time comes,i never realise how much difference an hour makes *sigh*

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone :-)

And also to this big storm that is supposed to be on its way to the south of England keep safe everyone remember not to travel unless you need to hopefully it will be gone by Tuesday,we have a little bit of strong winds and rain but it is supposed to miss us so i suppose we will just wait and see. 

Trick or Treat with Sainsbury’s

Well the time is nearly here,what are you doing for Halloween?

During this spooky season, Sainsbury’s has plenty of tricks and treats on offer to send shivers down your spine. From just 20p, host the perfect Halloween dressed as a gruesome vampire or a wicked witch and decorate with creepy ghost decorations and light-up pumpkins.

We are planning to have a party and thanks to the lovely team at sainsburys we have been sent a few wonderful decorations now i can not show you them up as i do not want to put them up until the time is right don't want to spoil the surprise for everyone here so what i will do is show you what i was sent and some other lovely products so you can pop down and grabs what you need before Halloween arrives.
Halloween crackers i love these you no longer have to wait for Christmas to get you cracker fix lol
£4 from Sainsburys
 Ok ok so i could not wait till the day to find out what was inside so i decided we would open one,silly me for some reason sitting on the floor to close to the desk and when i pulled my side well one it broke i hit my funny bone on the corner of the table (not funny one bit ) really had to hold in the words that little ears should not hear lol.


So today hubby and myself decided to do some shopping just a top up because we already have plenty,

We wanted to spend £20 in Tesco because if we spent that or more we got £3 off i know not much but every little helps as they say,

First thing i always do is check out the reduced section my favorite part of shopping,today it was just after 6pm so i knew that they would be doing their second round of reducing and re-reducing the already reduced products that no one had taken,

It was mayhem there was people scrapping over everything pushing each other out of the way,really annoying anyway we came out with some amazing deals and only just managed to get £20 worth that we was not going to end up wasting away,also after the £3 off plus another 39p voucher from the last shop something could of been cheaper so they gave us the difference,and we had another £1 something on an old gift card so we ended up paying around £15,

Here is just a few of the deals we grabbed.

I forgot to take some of the pictures before i sorted the food,when i do a shop like that i put it into meal size portions so i do not have to take out something and refreeze 

 This is Beef Mince normally around £5.50 for a large tub they had it priced at 80p so i grabbed all that was there 2 tubs and managed to separate it in to a few days meals

Shloer brings a touch of spooky sparkle to Halloween

Shloer brings a touch of spooky sparkle to Halloween

As Halloween creeps ever closer, Shloer Berry Punch is the perfect chilling concoction for your fright-night festivities. Whether you’re planning a spooky soiree with the girls or a family fright fest, this sparkling alcohol alternative fits the bill if you want an atmospheric evening full of berry-based delights.

Limited edition Berry Punch gives a nod to traditional English flavours, combining blackberries and delicious seasonal fruits with grape juices, and a hint of spice, to warm the coldest of autumn nights.

Santa`s Rooftop Scramble Board Game

I know we are not past halloween yet but i had to show you something we was sent from the lovely Ravensburger.

 So first off this is a game for 2-6 players and age 5+,
Contents inside the box are,
Playing Board
6 Santa Playing Pieces
Letters to Santa Cards
Rooftop Cards
Surprise Cards
Transport Cards
Present Tokens
Instruction Booklet

Scooby-Doo Adventures,The Mystery Map

  All-new Scooby-Doo! puppet movie launches this Halloween available from 21st October 2013.

This spooky season, get ready to experience the world famous Scooby-Doo!
and the crew like never before, in an original movie with a brand new puppet format.

Adventures The Mystery Map DVD sees new-look Scooby and the
gang embark on a mad, pizza-fuelled dash to find pirate Gnarlybeard's hidden treasure.

#Music Monday #2

Well here is the second week of Music Monday and today i have chosen,

Bruno Mars When i was your man

R.Kelly 2face Idibia ONE8 Hands Across the World


I love Shepherds Pie

Another random post

Today i decided on shepherds pie.
And let me just tell you now i am not one for measuring everything out i just make it all from looking at it it seems to work better for me.

 Potato's boiling and steaming up my photo lol,

Morning everyone

Good morning,though i am still not sure it is its really horrible here wet and still dark and cold,don't know where to start today time is just flying by and i seem to never get anything done trying to sort out what food will be having for the halloween party i want something really nice and over the top,and have to sort out the games etc,I woke up this morning and realised how close we are to the end of the month now i am panicking that maybe i do not have time to sort everything out,So if i drop off the radar you know why lol.

Have a great day and i hope the weather is better where you are

Kay's Blog Hop #1

Ok so please bear with me this is the first one of these i have done.

Feel free to add my button to your blog/post where ever you would like

 Kay Adeola  Kayadeolablog A Review and competition blog that encompasses just about everything,I love reviewing products and sharing my thoughts with everyone also simply a blog about everyday life for me good and bad.

Dettol's New Anti-Bacterial Laundry Cleanser

 Who Likes to do their washing on a low temperature thinking that they are saving money and helping the environment,well i am not really keen on low temperature washing never quite believed the clothes come out just as clean i normally do not have mine below 60°c especially with having animals you can never be to carful,When i was asked if i would like to test Dettol's New Anti-Bacterial Laundry Cleanser which is an additive that will kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria when washing laundry below 60°C i decided to give it a try.

Please check out the information below.

Check Out Ora The Round Kitchen Towel

 This is a product that i think its pretty cool may seem simple but it is a great idea,i hate when my hands are wet from whatever i am doing in the kitchen and i really need to grab some kitchen roll but since you have to use 2 hands the roll gets wet or you are trying other ways to take a piece off with one hand well anyway for me it never works and i end up having to wash/dry my hands to get a bit of kitchen roll which in the time i have done that for example if a drink has been spilled it has then run off the worktop and down the cupboard doors,bigger mess to clean.And a few minutes after it arrived guess what...yes it was needed thanks to my wonderful soda-stream the apple flavour always makes the water fizz up more than others and i was not concentrating so all over the worktop it went,Thank goodness for Ora.

Well for me those days are over and for you they could be doing...Introducing Ora kitchen towel,

Great looking design not to bulky even though it is 2 rolls in one,easy to grab with one hand no more having to tear of the pieces.

#Madeofstarlightparty with Come Round

Who else was lucky enough to get chosen for the Come round #Madeofstarlightparty :-)

I was lucky in that i got one of the boxes when Come Round kindly found they had a few more spaces for more lucky party goers,

Anyway i got my box yesterday and here is a peek at what is inside

A 100ml bottle of Taylor by Taylor Swift perfume
A Taylor by Taylor Swift A1 poster - to be the backdrop to all party photos!
3x Party Planners detailing party competitions and prizes
10x 1.5ml Taylor by Taylor Swift perfume samples
A gorgeous neon handbag
10x Pearl necklaces
A white trilby hat with black trimming
3x Beautiful scarfs (assorted prints)
Taylor party bunting
4x Chalkboards & chalk for party competitions

I have to admit i love the bottle and i can not wait for the party to start.Hope everyone else that got chosen will have a great time with their friends too :-)

Tv Tuesday

Ok so after Music Mondays i had to do something for tv so this week TV Tuesday will be battle of the TV vampires since we are getting close to Halloween.

So i am going to list 8 of my Top TV Vampires so what i would like for you to do is vote for your favorite and let me know in the comments why they are your favorite or of course if your favorite is not on the list let me know who is and at the weekend i will let you know who was picked as a favorite.

My All time favorite has to be Sam Witwer from being human US i know i should really go for the UK one but Being Human US was so much better than our version over here.l.OK everyone get voting :-)

Music Mondays

So starting today i have decided to have a music monday every week and i would love it if you would all share your favorite song of the week what can you not stop listening to what song makes you feel good.can be old songs or new ones and tell me why you like that song is it to do with certain memories or just because.

So this week my top 3 are,

Kat DeLuna feat Akon - Am I Dreaming-just because i think it is a great track and catchy

 Bracket ft 2 face Idibia - REMEMBER- memories of a few years ago on holiday :-)
Chris Martin - Mama another one that i just love because it has meaning to it.
So share your top tracks of the week and i will post my favorites as chosen by you later in the week :-)


18hrs of the competition left

Thank you and good luck to you that have entered the comp 18hrs left to get your entries in

will hopefully be launching a new competition by the end of this month


Morning everyone,

Just working on some updates at the also anybody wishing to contact me you can now email me via my blog domain is changing shortly to will let you know when that is completed.

Have a lovely day

Palmolive Extends its Sumptuous Ayurituel Range Inspired by the Ancient Indian Practice of Ayurveda

Introducing new Peaceful shower gel and new liquid handwash range

Palmolive has extended its enchanting Ayurituel range of shower gels by introducing Peaceful, with Indian Neem and Jasmine to soothe your senses, along with two new indulgent hand-washes.

The exotic Palmolive Ayurituel shower gel line-up, which already includes Joyous and Energy, is inspired by ancient Indian Ayurvedic traditions. The indulgently scented shower gels create a harmonious body and mind experience that leaves you feeling balanced and energised.

 The Ayurituel range has been further expanded with the launch of two new indulgent liquid handwashes – Joyous and Energy.  The new handwashes promise a relaxing and sensory hand washing experience that cleanses the hands whilst leaving the skin smooth and soft. Spruce up your bathroom with these attractive and elegant hand washes.

Making my way back to you :-)

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all well and had a great weekend as you know i have not been 100% so have taken a break but i am starting to feel better now and will be bringing you some lovely reviews and a great competition but first thing is first i am hungry so off to find something yummy to eat lol.

Have a great day :-)

Happy 1st of the month

Morning everyone and happy 1st of the month sorry for the lack of updates not been feeling so good but will be trying to get back on track asap.