Plan Toys Balancing Cactus

Here is something great for children aged 3+

Balancing Cactus from Plan Toys.

Whats great is first of all its a wooden toy which i think is great eco friendly.Also it is great for children to learn how to balance and work out what should go where with this fun toy.

They can play on their own and see if they can use piece while making sure it stays upright or children can play together see who can win and who loses by unbalancing the cactus.

Basically you start with the base and work your way to making the cactus.
   its fun for the children to see how far or how high they can make it

There is so many ways to make the cactus that they could not be bored one game the little ones were making it as high as they could which of course ended in it falling over as they neglected the other parts.But after the first game they seemed to realise that how to make it with out it falling over the result you can see above.

I love how with this seemingly simple toy your child will learn how to plan ahead and decide what to do.
PlanToys are made from non-toxic, natural materials such as organic rubberwood
         Awards Spiel gut Award German Design Prize Good Toy Award 
         Award winning and sculptural building game
         Comes With A Base And 18 Various Sized Pieces (stem); Ideal For 1-4 Players
         Helps develop coordination, decision making skills, patience and balance

Available to buy from Amazon for £21 which i think is a very good price for a toy of this kind.Plan toys have some other lovely games too.

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