Hoobynoo World

Hoobynoo World is a great,fun and quirky place full of some amazing characters,
 The characters all have their own fun personality and likes and dislikes plus each has Their own unique Jewelery and accessories.

I love this jewelery its perfect for kids teenagers and well in fact i would say anyone that loves something fun,Little madam was lucky enough to be sent a necklace from the lovely Chiara who is the creator and designer of Hoobynoo world.

Let me first show you the suprise one little madam got.

Meet Clarissa the Cupcake

Likes: Coloured Sprinkles & Gingerbread Men.

Dislikes: Hot Ovens.

Clarissa is the most popular of the Hoobynoo cupcakes, known for her pink frosting and multi-coloured sprinkles. Her best friend is Billy the Banana. When Hoobynoo supermarket closes, she can often be found in the vegetable aisle, playing snap with Billy and the other fruits.
Necklaces are acrylic.

I think its so sweet and i wish i would of got a picture of madams face but she found it before i had a chance lol.we had been looking at the website and she has fallen in love with all of the characters and she was so happy to have her own that since it has not left her side If she gets made to take it off then teddy wears it lol.

Also in Hoobynoo world (dont you just love the name) there is different sections you have

 Hoobynoo Zoo Characters

 where you will find characters like

George the giraffe
Age: 8
Likes: Fluffy clouds and long, wavy grass
Dislikes: Angry people, animals that growl George is a giraffe who likes to spend lots of time by himself. His favourite hobby is to find smallish trees so he can eat the very top leaf on each one. He has some very strange personal habits, including lying on his back with his long neck and all four legs wiggling in the air.
Gertie the elephant
Age: 4
Favourite Food: toffee apples
Likes: butterflies, daisies
Dislikes: Mice Gertie was the first elephant to arrive at Hoobynoo Zoo. Those early days were scary for her, as she didn’t like being alone and was always afraid of the dark. However, it wasn’t long before Bertie arrived and changed all that!

Plus a few more great ones,

 Hoobynoo Forest Characters

Freya the Firefly

Age: 1 month
Likes: lights and sweet musical vibrations
Dislikes: birds and spiders
Freya is halfway through her short life, but is definitely making the most of it! She parties all day, flits over ponds and rivers all night and generally hangs out with the thirty or forty other fireflies that she calls her friends.

Hoobynoo Supermarket Characters

Isobella the Ice Cream

Likes: Flakes, Chocolate Sprinkles
Dislikes: Sunny Days
Descended from a range of high-quality Italian ice-creams, Isobella is quite conceited about her pedigree and looks down on the ice-lollies and plain scoops for being ‘ordinary’.

  Hoobynoo Seasonal Characters


 Rudolph the Reindeer

Now i have not shown all to you as you must head on over and take a look inside the amazing world that is Hoobynoo i am sure if your children spot you looking they will be asking for something from there.

Take a look in the store prices are good and come in lovely packaging once i opened the package the necklace was wrapped up lovely 

Also let me show you the back of the necklace card this is where all the information about your character is

I would recommend this cute selection of jewelry to you as i think they are fun bright and colorful and kids will love them and grown ups too :-)
Free UK delivery and you can find the jewelry and accessories via the online store,amazon,in pleanty of places check out the stockists here.

Check out Hoobynoo World Via


Thank you to Chiara for her kindness and sending little madam her necklace and 10/10 for great products.

Thanks for reading everyone.

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