Glitzi Globes

The cutest, collectable, DIY snow domes around. Create your own adorable globe to pop, swap, share and wear. Along with the mini domes this kit comes with 1 mega dome that includes 3 Carousel Horses.

 Glitzi Globes are customisable snowdomes which you can make yourself and the best thing is that everything you need is included in the kit  you just need to add water

 There are several Glitzi Globe sets available, and the idea is that you can make your own glitter domes filled with the colourful little characters and glitter pieces then turn them into rings, have them as perfect pocket toys and swap them with your friends or display them on your showcase stand.

The characters are cute and colourful and lots of fun for kids to be able to do for themselves we have lots more to collect to fill up little madams display.

The only problem is little madam made hers all so fast she now has to wait to get some more
Ages 5+
RRP is £19.99
You can see more here

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