Drumond Park Logo Billionare Review And Giveaway

LOGO Billionaire From Drumond Park


This is the brilliant new game from Drumond Park.

Once you have the board set up you simply have to deal the cards following the instructions along with the start up money each player has,choosing the game pieces and off you go make multiple companies by taking over others and building your portfolio at least in this game you can be a Billionaire :-)

There are 2 levels to play which you can read more about below the apprentice and executive levels 

We had loads of fun playing this although i did not get to far lol 

Fortunes can be made or lost on a Cornetto… someone is planning to steal your prize Beautiful Beetle … and the humble Hob Nob could propel you to billionaire status!

          It’s the battle of the big brands… and it’s in your hands!

  Can you fly high, crush the competition and become

the first LOGO Billionaire?

Fresh from Drumond Park, the UK’s leading independent games company and the creators of the super-popular, much loved LOGO board game series comes the ingenious new LOGO Billionaire (rrp £24.99). From budding entrepreneur to calculated business operator – once you’ve mastered the basics and summed up the competition, this hugely entertaining, tactical game gives you the chance to hone those pecuniary skills in a dynamic exchange of strategic skill and smart moves… combined with a healthy dose of artful ambition! LOGO Billionaire is a uniquely cunning game of risky business and high drama that’s sure to bring out aspects of your character that you didn’t even know you have!
In typical, unique LOGO style, the game is bursting with a massive selection of huge, instantly recognisable everyday brands.  It’s a thrilling, colourful card- and cash-collecting board game, where everyone joins in the financial fun in the race to become the first LOGO Billionaire.

You simply take on the role of a high-powered corporate trader, putting famous brands together to form companies – and launching them on the stock market.  It’s glorious, high-flying corporate life at its biggest and best – and it’s all at your fingertips!
Watch friends and family transform themselves into power-crazed business types as they wrangle over well-known everyday brands – in a noisy, fun game that reveals a surprising amount about people’s personalities and even more about their scary alter-egos!

Two exciting levels of play

Whether you’re playing the introductory Apprentice version (perfect for every member of the family aged from 8 upwards) or have moved on to the more skilful, strategic Executive game, there’s plenty of scope for lucrative, suspenseful deals as you work your way around the board, collecting and trading big brand cards while negotiating new company launches.
Just HOW ruthless are you prepared to be?  Will you surprise yourself and your opponents?  Will you play it safe or ride the thrusting wave of uncertainty? You get to choose … but you’ll have to watch out – in the world of big business, you can go from mega-bucks to BUST with the turn of a single card … it’s a risky business, and no mistake!
So it’s “who dares wins” in this brilliant, lively and ruthless game.  Anyone, from the rising star trader to the accomplished tactician can hold all the cards – overcoming financial uncertainty with scheming moves and nimble game play. LOGO Billionaire is a game of thrills and spills – a wonderful mix of highs and lows that’ll have even the most experienced games fans in delicious, spine-tingling turmoil as they negotiate their way through the financial minefields to the ultimate joy of being the first to reach the billion!
Buy and sell famous brands
For vast sums of money!


It’s best to start off with the Apprentice version of LOGO Billionaire, and a buoyant financial holding of 50 Million from the Bank.  Players are given an Official Certificate of Ownership for their corporation, which could be Oak International, Castle Corporation, Rocket or Eagle Enterprises, Lion or Dragon Industries.  Within your corporation, you collect big name brands from six different colour coded categories – Cars (e.g. Volkswagen, Ford, Land Rover etc.), Snacks (e.g. Jaffa Cakes, Tango, Peperami etc.), Home(e.g. Persil, Andrex, Dettol etc.), Grocery (e.g. PG Tips, Marmite, Hovis etc.), Health (Nivea, Gillette, Colgate etc.) and Sweets (e.g. Cornetto, Twix, Refreshers etc.)

Using the spinner, you move your playing piece around the board, collecting Brand Cards as you go.  You only make money when you take the plunge and launch a Company.  To do this, you’ll need to collect at least three Brand Cards from one category.  Once you’ve decided to launch your Company, it’s time for some shrewd action to show everyone how resilient you are, your attitude to risk… and your ultimate reaction to the gut-wrenching excitement of make-or-break situations!

Taking a risk – how brave are you?

With a deep breath, you take a card from the top of the ‘Risky Business’ pile, which will give you a valuation for each brand within your company.  It could be 10M, 20M or 30M – and you can keep taking as many cards as you wish, adding up the amounts on each of the cards you have taken and multiplying it by the number of brands you hold within that company for your final valuation. This will set you on your way to the ultimate goal of one Billion (1 x 100M)!

We know you’ll be raring to take more than one Risky Business card… but beware, because as we all know, financial transactions of any size can be an almighty gamble…
Lurking in that oh-so-enticing pile of mega multi-millions are some most unwelcome ‘BUST’ cards that’ll bring your fledgling company crashing down around your ears before it’s even had a chance to get off the ground!
But then on you go, tenacious and bold (and hopefully not whimpering with the stress and drama of it all) – taking it in turns to add to your Brands and float as many new Companies as you can, in your quest to beat your business rivals and become the first Apprentice LOGO Billionaire!
Only then are you truly ready to hone your newly accomplished monetary skills with a move to the higher version of this intriguing and entertaining game:


The Executive version of LOGO Billionaire accelerates play onto a whole new level of shrewd ambition and guile in the thrilling, ruthless world of high finance and big name brands.    Set up and play is the same as the Apprentice game.  But this time you add in an even more engrossing Take-Over element and high-powered Auction bids.  Then there are the market-changing Newsflash cards, whose instructions involve all the players.  They can swing the value of your company dramatically up or down in a heartbeat!
When you land on a Take-Over icon on the board, you take a token and keep it until you spot an opportunity to challenge one of your opponents’ company launches.  Then, as long as you have at least one Brand card from the same category, you can leap in, shouting “Take-Over!”.  Then the launcher and challenger go head-to-head, in an attempt to spin a number which will give him or her the greatest value when added to the number of cards he or she has in the new Company in question.
The Executive version is a far more involved game of cunning ambition, where the bravest get to showcase their smartest moves while risking a crushing downturn in their fortunes at any moment.  How good or bad a loser are you?  How will you cope when the fickle world of big business throws you a curved ball? Buy a copy of Drumond Park’s new LOGO Billionaire board game (rrp £24.99), and you’ll soon find out!
Drumond Park is the UK’s leading independent games company.  Its Adult, Family and Children’s board games, Kids’ action games and magic sets are widely available from many department stores, most major toy shop chains and independents, plus the leading grocery chains and catalogue and online traders
 We have really enjoyed playing this and it is now ready for Christmas time when the rest of the family visit so we can all have lots of fun 
I rate this a 10/10 for fun.

Stockists’ information number is 01506 855577, or visit: www.drumondpark.com

Now for the best part click Here if you would like to win a copy :-) 

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