Blogs 1st B/day and Halloween planning

So next month my blog will be 1year old really can not believe its been that long already anyway i have some big plans since it will be Halloween is next month to i want to tie that all in together and do something fun.

So what i have been thinking is as we will be having a halloween party/blog party here at home and i want to include my readers and online friends,As long as i can get some lovely sponsors i will be hopefully doing a few competitions for you all to join in with.

I would love to do a couple of competitions for like best dressed Halloween  maybe we do adult and child separately or best decorated home or maybe even best Halloween food i am still planning that one all pictures will only be judged by me i will not make it a voting as i know this is unfair.and i think i will run it between Facebook and here.

So that is my plan i first need to find you all some lovely prizes and make it a little bit more exciting if there is any idea you have please do let me know but all i know is i want this to be a big fun online and offline event.

Look forward to your opinions


  1. Sounds a wonderful idea thank you and congratulations on having such a successful first year!

    I love Halloween. There are so many great decorations you can buy nowadays to dress up your home - it is a shame it only lasts one night! It is one of my favourite days in the year though as I am a huge horror film fan and love anything ghostly, paranormal and the scarier the better!

  2. Replies
    1. I hope it will be just need to make sure i get it all sorted sooner rather than later lol

  3. Congrats on one year blogging :) I can't wait for Halloween, my son loves it! Just stopping by from the Friendly Friday Blog Hop xx

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    1. Thank you,Little ones here are looking forward to it too i think its the thought of a party lol

  4. What a cute idea

  5. Lovely idea you should have a virtual party for the celebration.

  6. popping over from UK Bloggers, I love halloween so think that is a fab idea xx

  7. Well done on it being nearly a year already! It only seems a couple of months since you said you were starting the blog! :)

  8. I cant believe its been nearly a year! well done sounds exciting and a great idea x