Bake It/ Shrink It Cupcake Charms

 Bake It/ Shrink It Cupcake Charms from the 4M range.

 Create, bake, and shrink your very own cupcake jewellery charms!

 Each kit includes 20 pre-cut cupcake shaped shrinking sheets with four colour pencils to start your least there is no cutting out of anything

 Bake your creations in the oven and watch them shrink into colourful charms. Then use the included beads, rings, hooks, chains and string to create unique pieces of jewellery, and display them on the included 5 inch tall plastic jewellery stand. you can make necklaces,earrings and much more.

Madam enjoyed making these and had lots of fun seeing that the colours came through better once they had been baked she did most of it herself apart from the baking of course but she said its like magic.

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