Amazing Soy Wax Candles From Flitton Candle Company

As most of you will know i love candles and i am always on the hunt for the best ones i can find well in that search i have found some amazing candles,

Flitton Candle Company is a Soy wax candle manufacture from Bedfordshire  They handcraft the candles using EcoSoya which is soy wax made from 100% pure soy bean oil its renewable,sustainable and environment friendly.

With FREE UK DELIVERY for any item brought on the website .
and even better you get a free candle jar every time you spend over £39, so when you spend £79 you receive two luxury candle and this will carry on through the increase of money spent so thats more reason to head on over.

There is plenty to choose from on the website including,

Luxury Candle Jars


Pillar Candle

Ok so that is not all but i do not want to spoil the surprise but let me show you what i was lucky enough to receive,

8 Lovely Soy wax fragrance candle tins,
That Brings me to something else have you found that with a lot of candles they say they are supposed to smell like something but really do not and you have been disappointed i have many times but let me tell you from the moment i open the packaging i could smell them and each and everyone truly smells like the ingredients are supposed to.
Here is more on the ones i received with my thoughts and short description from the website.

Baby Powder
This candle is a lovely pink colour
Smells lovely, floral sweet smell well since we have not yet come up with scratch and sniff for the computer lol best way to describe it is just as it says on the tin baby powder.
"A soft, sweet fragrance, floral and powdery, on a base of tonka and creamy vanilla with a hint of rose."

Chocolate And Hazelnut.

My favorite i love the chocolate smell and you can even smell the hazelnut forget eating chocolate smell it mmm chocoholics heaven right there,The candle is a light brown colour.
"A sweet  accord with edible smelling notes of milk chocolate, warm hazelnut, caramel, biscuit and creamy vanilla."

Fig and Vanilla.

Love the colour of this one its purple and its lovely smelling this is a lovely one when you want to chill out in front of the tv or reading a book.
"A rich, creamy mix where dry notes of fig are softened with apricot and peach resting on a rich woody background of cedar wood, clove and soft vanilla."

Fresh Linen.

Do you love the smell of fresh and clean washing well then this candle is perfect for you.Soy wax is a lovely duck egg blue,
"An aldehydic floral scent with carnation, combining a spiced floral heart of rose, jasmine and lily, that rest on a musk and sandal base."

  Sweet Plum.

A lovely plum coloured wax and the smell well its yummy good enough to eat (though i wouldn't advise it lol )
"A rich and powerful accord of ripe plum, raspberry, green notes, vanilla and milk make up this rich and powerful fragrance."

 Tropical Fruit Punch

Orange colour nice and bright which stands out just like the fragrance take a big smell of this and you will be dreaming of white sandy beaches and sun yes it really does smell that good.
"Sending you off to the Caribbean with a tropical blend of mango and peach with fresh top notes of orange and pineapple and a sweet, vanilla base. "

Vanilla And Coconut

A natural colour to this one you can really smell the coconut
"A sophisticated creamy vanilla fragrance combined with soft delicate floral notes, coconut milk, musk and light woody base notes."

Very Cherry Bakewell.
Ok so this one when i read it i was like ok seriously this is not possible i bet it smells nothing like it...
WRONG this amazing little light red candle smells exactly like cherry bakewell and they are my favorite so i have smelt my fair share of them lol from the cherry all the way to the almond you can smell it 100%  i had to keep reminding myself that it was a candle.

"A delicious, mouth-watering bakewell tart aroma with a juicy cherry, raspberry and strawberry puree sealed with fondant icing on a scrumptious vanilla almond cake base."

Ok so i have showed you just a tiny amount of the amazing candles on the website and i really recommend them to you i have found nothing bad at all. In my experience customer service is friendly and very helpful,website has an easy layout you can pay via paypal which i know most of you will be happy with.

So please head on over and grab yourself some yummy candles


And remember the great offer.

With FREE UK DELIVERY for any item brought on the website .
and you get a free candle jar every time you spend over £39, so when you spend £79 you receive two luxury candle and this will carry on through the increase of money spent so thats more reason to head on over.


  1. They look and sound fab!! I love the sound of the Very Cherry Bakewell & Tropical Fruit Punch one's :)

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