Truly For You Review

I love personalised products so i am always on the look out for something nice and i found just the perfect thing especially since it is coming up to Christmas (Sorry there was no avoiding the word this time lol).

Truly For You is a lovely website full of handmade keepsakes i was given the chance to review one for myself here is what i received.

Great Slogan T Shirts

 I have found a great Website i want you to all see.

Lush T Shirts 

Inspired by pop culture, current events, comedy, humor, gaming and geek stuff.
Designed and printed in the UK,
Lush sell mens and women's t-shirts,hoodies and vest tops,
Their range includes retro,geek,funny and slogan t-shirts, i was lucky enough to review a t-shirt and i love it,it fits in perfectly and i am sure my fellow bloggers will want one too,

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Pom-Bear Is Ready For Halloween.

 Pom-Bear is Back by Popular demand with a  limited edition pickled onion flavour Back for a second year.

The snacks are a spooky pickled onion flavour,with the same light and airy texture that had become synonymous with Pom-Bear.
Each pack is less than 100 calories,suitable for vegetarians,gluten free and has no added colours or scary preservatives.

Truth is...




                                    I Hate Mondays

Lol seriously i have got nothing done today and i don't think i will so sorry for the lack of updates the day has passed halfway and i am having writers block today its driving me insane you would think that weekend would be long enough,so i think music and chill out for the rest of the day is called for hopefully sometime later i can get my act together and get sorted.

Blogs 1st B/day and Halloween planning

So next month my blog will be 1year old really can not believe its been that long already anyway i have some big plans since it will be Halloween is next month to i want to tie that all in together and do something fun.

So what i have been thinking is as we will be having a halloween party/blog party here at home and i want to include my readers and online friends,As long as i can get some lovely sponsors i will be hopefully doing a few competitions for you all to join in with.

I would love to do a couple of competitions for like best dressed Halloween  maybe we do adult and child separately or best decorated home or maybe even best Halloween food i am still planning that one all pictures will only be judged by me i will not make it a voting as i know this is unfair.and i think i will run it between Facebook and here.

So that is my plan i first need to find you all some lovely prizes and make it a little bit more exciting if there is any idea you have please do let me know but all i know is i want this to be a big fun online and offline event.

Look forward to your opinions

Dettol & E45 Handwash Review

With the weather changing and my hands going through so much dealing with the little ones,animals and the normal household chores my hands are having a hard time,constantly feeling dry and sore i was really happy to be asked if we would like to try a new product.

Dettol and E45 have joined forces to bring a great dual action handwash.
We was sent nourishing honey,I always thought of Dettol as a household cleaning product not a handwash but i really like their products so i was happt to give it a go,E54 cream we use daily.

NasalGuard Cold&FluBLOCK Review

Winter is well on its way and i am really not looking forward to the colds and flu that comes with it,i seem to suffer from a never ending flu the whole winter once i get rid of it someone else will give it back to me.

I was very happy when i was asked if i would like to review NasalGuard Cold&FluBLOCK i jumped at the chance anything to try and stop the never ending cycle.

NasalGuard Cold&FluBLOCK is a new water-based,Drug free gel designed to reduce the likelihood of getting sick from cold and flu viruses by creating an invisible barrier around your nose,

Sounds strange but worth a go i will let you know how i get along with this product as i go on.

Amazing Soy Wax Candles From Flitton Candle Company

As most of you will know i love candles and i am always on the hunt for the best ones i can find well in that search i have found some amazing candles,

Flitton Candle Company is a Soy wax candle manufacture from Bedfordshire  They handcraft the candles using EcoSoya which is soy wax made from 100% pure soy bean oil its renewable,sustainable and environment friendly.

With FREE UK DELIVERY for any item brought on the website .
and even better you get a free candle jar every time you spend over £39, so when you spend £79 you receive two luxury candle and this will carry on through the increase of money spent so thats more reason to head on over.

There is plenty to choose from on the website including,

Schleich Dragon & Griffin Knights

Schleich are bringing a whole new concept of knights to the market this year.

Rather than the clich├ęd battle against good & evil, powerful dragon knights will be throwing the gauntlet down to the wise order of griffins. Shimmering armour, flowing capes, fearsome expressions, the new band of knights lining up for action from July 2013 look suitably ferocious

Little man really loves these and i think that they are very well made and the details are amazing on them.
I had never heard of Schleich Before but i am very impressed with the quality of these.

A couple of them have stayed in their boxes because he likes them so much and are sitting on his shelf in his room the rest have gone through their fair share of places with him he first decided they would have a battle on the side of the bath and of course ending up in there, They have been in the mud and to school and a few more but the main thing is they still look good compared to other toys like this he has so i would recommend these

 Both horse riders from each side  has a magnet on their bottom to prevent them from falling off too easily.  This is a very clever idea.  The Dragon Knight with lance's right arm is able to move 180° the Griffin Knight has a removable axe. the range is great 

Check Them out here 

Bake It/ Shrink It Cupcake Charms

 Bake It/ Shrink It Cupcake Charms from the 4M range.

 Create, bake, and shrink your very own cupcake jewellery charms!

Lite Brix

A new construction world to set the toy box alights!

The world of construction playsets will light up this summer with the introduction of Lite Brix which, with both girls and boys sets, offers every child a totally new and illuminating brick building concept to discover.

Lite Brix incorporates multi-coloured flashing LEDs that when pieced together completes an electrical circuit bringing projects to life like never before. Plus, with Lite Brix being compatible with all other brick brands, the sky’s the limit when it comes to illuminating possibilities!

Character Building Sports Stars Pitch & Play

The Sports Stars Football Pitch and Playset is your ultimate mini football match, the set contains the 24 sections which make up the entire pitch at 51 x 38 cm,

Little man loved playing this and inviting his friends over so that they could join in with him and they palyed on there for hours even forgetting all about the xbox thank goodnees,He said his favorite part is that he can play as his favorite team Liverpool :-)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I used to love Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles i remember watching it as a kid

We were sent a Leo Sewer Cover Flinger

Flingers features a unique and innovative way to launch weapon projectiles. Leo flings sewer lid discs from his chest! Roll the figure sideways on a hard flat surface and the right arm reaches for the disc and flings it forward! Includes 10 discs

Glitzi Globes

The cutest, collectable, DIY snow domes around. Create your own adorable globe to pop, swap, share and wear. Along with the mini domes this kit comes with 1 mega dome that includes 3 Carousel Horses.

Blingles Glam Styler

Blingles Glimmer Glam Styler

Dust on the diamonds and bring bling to a whole new level! With the Blingles Glimmer Glam Styler girls can create and design their own glittering stickers that stick to any smooth surface. Complete with four different glitter colours, gems, a glitter roller glimmer pen and brush. Simply pick from a fun range of cute stickers, choose your glitter colours and get sparkled! Finish off your design using some Blingles Gems and your stickers are transformed from drab to fab!

Mike The Knight Mikes Mission Playset

We was lucky enough to be sent

Mike The Knight Mission Playset


Inside the box comes a helmet which has a visa that moves up and down like a real knight and a strap to keep it on  little man loves the red feather on the top and says its really just like Mikes,

Also a foam sword is included which is great love the fact it is made from foam much better than the old plastics ones you get.

Mike the knight mission playset comes from character another great toy that will keep your little ones occupied little man has loved playing with this and showing off to his friends.

Aim at ages 3+
RRP £14.99

Disney Princess Ariel Vanity Set

Girls’ Christmas wishes come to life
with Disney Princess toys and accessories

Jakks Pacific’s collection of Disney Princess Ariel role-play items are an absolute must for little mermaid fans. Ariel is an independent, impulsive and adventurous Disney Princess and with her interest of the human world above the waves, she is determined to follow her own dreams and make them come true.
Dreams can come true with Jakks’ Disney Princess role-play collection and little princesses will be bubbling with excitement with the new collection of Ariel play sets.

Disney Princess Ariel's Vanity Set lets girls recreate their favourite Little Mermaid moments while in the tub.

With many great features, it's perfect for endless bath time fun.

The play set suction cups to the side of bath you can also stick it on the wall and comes with a beautiful mirror for girls to see their own make-overs plus, washable play make up means little girls can pretend to be a princess during bath times. The set also includes a play perfume bottle, lipstick, blush compact and eye shadow!

This is a great bath time toy for little girls the make up comes off very easy with a flannel after play only thing is there is not much of it so it will not last very long.

It is easy to stick on. Ariel is removable to make it easy to access make up accessories.  All the gaps have holes to drain out the water which is very good so you are not forever worried about it getting moldy .

The perfume bottle is made from rubber which you can fill with water and squeeze out.

Great toy for a girl that will make bath time more fun

Disney Fairies Sky High Tink

What More Could a Girl Wish
for than Fairies for Christmas!

Bring home the magic of the Disney Fairies and their world with the beautiful collection of Disney Fairies dolls and playsets from Jakks Pacific.

Help Tinker Bell and Periwinkle take off on their next adventure with the 4.5” Sky High Tink and Sky High Periwinkle dolls. Little girls can insert Tink or Peri into the flower base, pull the string and watch as she soars up to 10 feet high into the sky just like a real fairy! 
Both characters will inspire all kinds of imaginative fairy play

Learn To Be A Princess With The Talking Magical Amulet (for children of course lol)

Wannabe Princesses can bring the
magical world of Sofia to life this Christmas

Sofia the First is Disney’s newest young royal who is proving irresistible to little girls that love to follow her journey from commoner to princess. With the help of Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, Sofia learns that looking like a princess isn’t all that hard but behaving like one must come from the heart. This young girl must learn that what makes a real princess is what's on the inside including qualities such as kindness, generosity, loyalty, honesty and grace.

One of Sofia’s key features is her Amulet and now girls can wear Sofia’s beautiful, enchanted Talking Magical Amulet and learn to be a princess just like Sofia! The interactive Amulet features the voice of Sofia and brings her world to life by teaching little girls valuable princess lessons about kindness, manners and much more

The Talking Magical Amulet comes with 12 collectible cards, each featuring a different lesson from Sofia. Princesses in training simply insert a card into the Amulet to hear each of the different lessons.  A carrying case is also included so that the cards can be kept safely together.

 These are aimed at little girls aged 3+.

This is a wonderful toy and little madam is totally in love with hers and i have even heard her repeating some of the lessons she learn by listening to the amulet and i must say they are very good lessons like Good manners are always charming. it was trouble to take it off her when it was time for bed lol.

 The price of the Talking Magical Amulet is around £19.99 which is reasonable considering it talks and plus the talking is not just any old nonsense it actually means something.

Doc McStuffins Magic Talking Check Up Set

Doc McStuffins is the new animated series on Disney Junior that has taken the US and UK by storm. The storyline follows a little girl who can talk to the toy world, and help make them better.

 Flair have just brought out The Magic Talking Check Up Set to go with the series aimed at girls aged 3 - 5.

Something Special party is tomorrow

Hope you are all ready to join myself  UKmumstv and the other lovely bloggers hosting the something special party.

Make sure you are on twitter at 4pm and take part prize to be won also please remember to use the #somethingspecialparty and also follow @UKMumsTV,

Have a great evening everyone and look forward to seeing you all tomorrow :-)

Hoobynoo World

Hoobynoo World is a great,fun and quirky place full of some amazing characters,
 The characters all have their own fun personality and likes and dislikes plus each has Their own unique Jewelery and accessories.

I love this jewelery its perfect for kids teenagers and well in fact i would say anyone that loves something fun,Little madam was lucky enough to be sent a necklace from the lovely Chiara who is the creator and designer of Hoobynoo world.

Drumond Park Logo Billionare Review And Giveaway

LOGO Billionaire From Drumond Park


This is the brilliant new game from Drumond Park.

Once you have the board set up you simply have to deal the cards following the instructions along with the start up money each player has,choosing the game pieces and off you go make multiple companies by taking over others and building your portfolio at least in this game you can be a Billionaire :-)

There are 2 levels to play which you can read more about below the apprentice and executive levels 

We had loads of fun playing this although i did not get to far lol 

Fortunes can be made or lost on a Cornetto… someone is planning to steal your prize Beautiful Beetle … and the humble Hob Nob could propel you to billionaire status!

          It’s the battle of the big brands… and it’s in your hands!

  Can you fly high, crush the competition and become

the first LOGO Billionaire?

Drumond Park Logo Billionare Giveaway

Here is your chance to win a copy of Logo Billionare From

If you have checked out my review i am sure you will love to win and have some great times playing it with your family and friends.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Plan Toys Balancing Cactus

Here is something great for children aged 3+

Balancing Cactus from Plan Toys.

Whats great is first of all its a wooden toy which i think is great eco friendly.Also it is great for children to learn how to balance and work out what should go where with this fun toy.

Pinkie Cooper And The Jet Set Pets

Good morning everyone i have something lovely to show you this morning that i am sure your daughters will love.

Meet Pinkie Cooper from Flair.

This is the ingenious combination of human doll and English toy spaniel who lives in an ‘IT girl’ high fashion world and likes to travel the globe with her best friends, Ginger Jones and Pepper Parsons and their equally stylish pet pooches.