Wimbai's Boudoir

Evening everyone i know its a bit later than i normally blog but i just had to let you know about this great website i have found.

Wimbais Boudoir

Go and check them out there is some amazing products to choose from i have chosen a few of my favorite product from their website to show you.

Do you love vintage clothing love being quirky while still being classy and stylish? do you love great bargains if so you must must check them out the prices are amazing too :-)


Including some amazing Doc Martins click on the picture to go and see the full description on the website

Dr. Martens Purple Olympic boots £55

Flat Shoes

Panelled Peach Rectangles With Flats £22

High Heels

Black And Red Zebra Heels £37

See some amazing products but here is something i really love and was lucky enough to get sent to review

Elegant Satchel bag £34.99

I really fell in love with this satchel and it really is elegant it even came in a lovely bag which makes it feel like you have gone to a expensive shop to buy.
The colours it comes in are
Maroon Red

I am glad i was sent the cream one as it will go with so much more i like that you have the choice to carry it via its small handle at the top,The Satchel is the perfect size i really do not like anything to be oversized you can of course fit in your phone,make up etc it has a middle zipped compartment also,you can also use the adjustable strap provided if you do not feel like holding it which is a great option as you can remove it.The buckles are really nice as they are just the magnet closings underneath so no need to fiddle with the buckles when you need to take some thing out.

Very stylish product and great price i would reccomend to anyone that is looking for something like this.

On the whole the customer service i received while dealing with this company was 100%  all questions answered in a timely manner in fact much quicker than i expected.also i was sent the product within 24hrs another bonus i will for sure be shopping here and recommending to my friends and family and of course to all of you my readers.

Ok now the best news for you all

Flash sale starts at midnight tonight!


Exclusive items from £10!!!!

It only a 3 day event so head on over you cant go wron.

So Head on over to 





Keep an eye on Their social media because there are always great deals and you do not want to miss out.

Thank you for reading everyone and thank you to Joan from Wimbai's for the great customer service :-)


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