Ugglys review

The Good, the Bad and the downright Uggly!

 In an ugly town, there's an ugly pound that's home to the ugliest pets around! The Ugglys electronic pup-pet is the ugliest grossest pet that comes alive in your hands! Place your hand inside then get ready to gross out your friends. Open the Ugglys mouth to bwuurp! Scrunch its mouth and hear it let rip with flaarps! Squeeze your Ugglys head to make some wacky faces! There are over 30 gross sounds! Create your own; turn the warp dial on the collar to change the pitch up and down.

With interactive, electronic pets being cuddly and girly for far too long, the boys are about to reclaim toy pets as Character Options introduce the Ugglys!

The Ugglys are the electronic ugly-pug-pets that come alive in your hands! They may not be the best looking boys in the bunch but you can’t help but love them - warts and all!

Once you’re the proud owner of an Uggly all you have to do to make him come alive is place your hand inside his derriere! Then get ready to gross out your friends and watch him perform his best tricks!

Open his mouth and he will let rip with a burp, Scrunch his mouth and he’ll impress you with a thunderous fart! Or, just squeeze your Ugglys head to make some wacky faces!

Whatever your choice, the 30 gross sounds that will emit from this ugly pug will make him the least favourite guest at the Christmas dinner table.

There are three to collect but remember The Ugglys are not for the faint hearted! You can’t help but love ‘em this Christmas by making an Uggly the ultimate boys’ best friend!

The front part of the pug is made from rubbery materials while the back of the pug is made from a hard plastic cover.very easy to operate  

By squeezing the head and mouth it makes a lot of gross sounds like farting, burping.  On the side collar, there is a warp dial and a fly button.  Turning the warp dial changes the pitch up and down while burping or farting.  While the fly button is to hear flies buzzing and holding the button keeps them buzzing for longer.

This is a very fun toy for little boys (even big ones in this house lol) to play with their friends with i really can not belive how disgusting it really is lol  everyone in the house laughed alot while playing and testing it, I have to say this is one of the best boys toy i have seen in a long time and little man now keeps it on his bedside table and every so often you will hear some noises coming from his room and him giggling, The products itself is very good quality and very good detail only problem is its so ugly its actually cute lol..lots of tricks have been played by the kids on our visitors who before they knew what it was making the noises had very concerned looks on there faces and trying not to laugh,even the dogs put their head on the side as soon as they hear the noise.

Little man was so happy to get this toy because he said everything we get is for the girls so when he has something for himself .

You can find out more about from the website.

News hot off the press!
 The Ugglys and Character Options have launched its very own search for Britain’s funniest dog! For more information go to and see the funniest Ugglys and dare I say cutest pets belonging to under 16 year olds!

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