Party food time #Haveacraftparty

So it is time for the gang to enjoy some food before we get started so what is on the menu well first off we have some home made pizza

chorizo and pineapple yum yum i have made 2 this is before it goes in to the oven :-)

Next for those who are still hungry we have

my personal favorite so instead of rolls or sandwiches i have made a dough mix just like the pizza base but this one is mixed with mixed herbs/Italian herbs.

separate and roll in to balls.

A non stick muffin tray i always like to coat it in a little bit of butter as it makes the outside go a little bit crispy


Put the dough in to the tray

Get some grated cheese i like a mix of both much more flavour and should be mature too.

cover the top of the dough in the cheese and put in to the oven.

Ok so the cheese was not ment to cook that much but that is what happens when i am doing 10 things at once lol.

Nice and big so like a thick sandwich they are also soft in the middle but a little crispy on the outside,next cut them in half and add your choice of filling.

Ours have chorizo in 1 and Princes smokey bacon paste

so on each plate 2 pizza/sandwiches some crisps and chocolate

Cake to come later :-)


  1. This delishious food is making me hungry lol

    1. Lol everyone enjoyed it that was the main thing i am not the worlds best chef thats for sure lol :-)