Create the ultimate music soundtrack for your run this summer with NOW’s new running app

The new NOW Running app from NOW That’s What I Call Music is the only app you need to create your perfect running playlist in just a few clicks.

So whats worse than taking a nice jog/run or power walk and constantly having to change the song on your ipod and the music does not fit with what you are doing.well there is a brilliant new app on the block Now thats what i call running you can read more about it below and see screen shots, I think this is a great app i will be using it while out running, no more annoying music changes just choose your run, how long for,your energy level and  away you go this great little app Also has other features built in like the speedometer.If you upgrade to the full version it will be the best 69p yes only 69p you will have spent.

Set your run length, click ‘Go’ and the app will create a running playlist from the music on your device in an instant. Plus when you unlock the full version for only 69p you get access to the track energy filter, which will create a running playlist based on the energy level you desire.

As well as the playlist generator you can track your performance and route along the way with the build in map, timer, speedometer and in the full version a calorie counter and pace tracker.

If you don’t have any music available on your device you can discover all the latest NOW albums including NOW 84 and NOW Running from within the app. And, you’ll be able to share your run and performance with your friends via Facebook and Twitter.

Available to download on iOS
and Windows Phone 8 http://

Find out more on Now That’s What I Call Music at and Twitter - @nowmusic

Once the weather has cleared up (we have the rain today)i will be trying this out and let you know how i get on.

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