Kixi Razor Balance Bike review

Kixi Razor Balance Bike helps children to  learn balance and steering without the hassle of training wheels.So also making them feel good that they are all grown up with no training wheels.

The Balance bike is  Lightweight and easy to control for young children whereas most normal childrens bikes can be a bit to heavy for them therefor making it harder to learn.
Also if you child wants to go on it to school it is easy and light enough to carry home without any problems,

The Balance bike also is alot more child friendly due to not having the pedals,chains and other parts they can hurt themselves on a very simple design but can teach alot.

The Handlebars and seat can be raised up or put down with the greatest of ease,

 This is the pedal that your child after a little practice will be able to put both feet up on and balance perfectly,

The tires are very good due to them being puncture free which saves alot of hassle.

The Bike came in four pieces and was so simple to put together,

The only thing you need to put it together is an Alan key which comes in the pack.

It is for ages 3+ and yes our little princess at the age of 8 was scooting around on it much to the disappointment of little man.We have been very impressed with this due to the fact little man is not happy with getting on a bike with stabilizers he wants to be able to do like older children and ride properly,He got the hang of this in a very short time and says he is a big boy now and loves the bike,I feel that it has also made him more confident and he wants to go everywhere on it.

RRP is £64.99 (worth every penny)
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