Hello all,

Tomorrow is the big day are you ready and prepared to join in with the #Haveacraftparty

The party will be hosted on July 25 between 4-6 pm.don't forget

We are all excited here can not belive how quick it has come and today i am preparing everything i thought i should just show you what is in the box i received  for the party

These 2 are the kits we will be playing with tomorrow.

We had the special invites which all had to go out straight away.

And here is the cupcakes,tub of icing some sweets party bags,plates and cups, some edible cake toppers and some balloons.

So do not forget to join us all on twitter and have some fun.

Please remember to add #Haveacraftparty to all of your tweets.

 Head on over Evolution Comps For more information and great comps :-)

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