Ugglys review

The Good, the Bad and the downright Uggly!

 In an ugly town, there's an ugly pound that's home to the ugliest pets around! The Ugglys electronic pup-pet is the ugliest grossest pet that comes alive in your hands! Place your hand inside then get ready to gross out your friends. Open the Ugglys mouth to bwuurp! Scrunch its mouth and hear it let rip with flaarps! Squeeze your Ugglys head to make some wacky faces! There are over 30 gross sounds! Create your own; turn the warp dial on the collar to change the pitch up and down.

Kixi Razor Balance Bike review

Kixi Razor Balance Bike helps children to  learn balance and steering without the hassle of training wheels.So also making them feel good that they are all grown up with no training wheels.

The Balance bike is  Lightweight and easy to control for young children whereas most normal childrens bikes can be a bit to heavy for them therefor making it harder to learn.
Also if you child wants to go on it to school it is easy and light enough to carry home without any problems,

Monday Morning

Well can not believe we are at the start of a new week already,
8:30am and all i want to do is go back to sleep the weather is horrible.
Well lets see what interesting things this week brings :-)

More reviews going live at some point.


Create the ultimate music soundtrack for your run this summer with NOW’s new running app

The new NOW Running app from NOW That’s What I Call Music is the only app you need to create your perfect running playlist in just a few clicks.

Party food time #Haveacraftparty

So it is time for the gang to enjoy some food before we get started so what is on the menu well first off we have some home made pizza

chorizo and pineapple yum yum i have made 2 this is before it goes in to the oven :-)

Check out - The best way to sell custom shirts on the Internet!

I wanted to show you all this really great website.

Have you ever wanted to have a T-shirt made for a special occasion like a birthday,Hen/stag night or for some kinds of fundraising event,if you have looked around online like i have you will know that it can get very expensive and also having the problems with getting the right amounts of t-shirts to many not enough or you are not sure how many you can sell well i have the answer for you.

My Ultimate Summer Driving Playlist

MoneySupermarket are asking bloggers to come up with their  ultimate summer driving playlist.


There is a serious message behind the idea of a great driving soundtrack. THINK! research suggests that almost 20% of accidents on major roads are sleep or tiredness related. Long journeys on motorways can lead to a lack of concentration and, as well as other preventative measures, listening to songs you love can be a great way to stay alert and focused on the road.

So let me tell you a few of my favorites


You’ve bought your tickets, secured a lift and have your wellies at the ready - it can only mean it’s the start of festival season. Make sure your experience under the stars is as comfortable as possible with outdoor clothing, footwear and equipment experts Jack Wolfskin.

The Diamond Tarp is great accommodation for small groups. With five sides, a pyramid shape and 1.95m high at the apex, it is large enough for four people to sit (and sleep) in comfort. The removable ground sheet and central pole design allow this retro-style group tent to be pitched quickly. The fast drying, waterproof-coated fabric also mean your belongings will be kept dry in the unpredictable British weather.

#Haveacraftparty is later on today

Hope you are all ready/getting ready going to be lots of fun today :-)

Think its about time to start preparing the place ready got ballons to blow food to make and party bags to pack :-)

Make sure you come and join in with myself   and all the other lucky hosts :-)
and remember to add #Haveacraftparty  

Anandi And Me

Good morning all, Hope you are enjoying this lovely weather.

I know alot of you will be looking to change a few things in you home have a clear out and get some new items to maybe brighten up your house.

I always feel when the weather is good and bright that i need my house to match it so i want to show you a lovely website with some great products that i am sure you will all love.

                                        Anandi And Me

Anandi and Me was launched in 2013 and brings you products that have been responsibly sourced from around the world,

Let me first show you what i received this morning.


Hello all,

Tomorrow is the big day are you ready and prepared to join in with the #Haveacraftparty

The party will be hosted on July 25 between 4-6 pm.don't forget

We are all excited here can not belive how quick it has come and today i am preparing everything i thought i should just show you what is in the box i received  for the party

These 2 are the kits we will be playing with tomorrow.

We had the special invites which all had to go out straight away.

And here is the cupcakes,tub of icing some sweets party bags,plates and cups, some edible cake toppers and some balloons.

So do not forget to join us all on twitter and have some fun.

Please remember to add #Haveacraftparty to all of your tweets.

 Head on over Evolution Comps For more information and great comps :-)

Character Options The Zelfs

                                Find your inner Zelf!

Who remembers and loved Trolls?

Well what do you think of these? we were sent a couple to review.

The Zelfs are a brand new product from Character Options this summer.

A little information on them

 The Zelfs' live in an enchanted garden full of surprises called Zardenia. They dwell in different fabitats tucked all over the the trees, mounds of rocks and even dark corners. They attend Zardenias School of Rock Garden and swap convo at Witchbrew Bistro. Love your Zelf and they’ll share their special powers. Each Zelf is totally unique and has a special power that only shines when they are loved.

There are six quirky Large Zelfs to collect. Each comes with hair styling accessories to keep those wayward locks in line. Collect all six in three different finishes glow in the dark, glitter and pearly.

Driving the collectability will be the pocket money pencil topper dolls called Lil’ Zelfs (RRP £1.99). Presented in their very own plant pots, Series 1 will have 36 to collect making them the perfect weekly treat for Zelf fans! They’ll be delighted this Christmas to find out which Lil’ Zelfs could be hiding in their stocking!

 The 12 medium size dolls (RRP £5.99) are a natural progression for any Zelfs fan and with 12 to collect with the addition of the super rare Miss Clover Zelf, there’s plenty to get excited about.

 Large Zelfs (RRP £9.99) dolls will add to the choice with their special glow in the dark, metallic or glitter finishes. These are the ultimate centrepieces of any Zelf fan’s treasure collection.

Finally the Venus Fly Trap Spin Salon (£19.99) will be on a Zelf fan’s Christmas list as this will add to the Zelf-tastic experience for the medium sized Zelfs.  
 This colourful playset also has an exclusive Zelf ‘Tessa’ who sits in the Venus styling chair where her bright mane is groomed into a crazy Zelf hair style.

I love all of these and so do the little ones they love to play with their hair and the fact that they come with great little collection items like the charm and brush.

The little zelf's come in a plant pot which i think is really cute

I can see these being as popular if not more than the trolls they are so colourful and i think the finishes are perfect.
The prices are very good because it makes it possible for children to buy them from pocket money that they have saved unlike some toys which are priced to high for children to be able to afford from pocket money.

In celebration of this great new girls brand there’s to be a  one off girls magazine called Girls Love Zelfs. We’ve been sent an advanced copy to check out but it  will be available  in the next 2 weeks at all good magazine sellers such as supermarkets. There’s 36 fantastic pages full of Zelf activities. It will keep the kids busy for hours and will inform them all about this new zelf world! What’s more it has a free Zelf and two other gifts on the cover and a free poster inside.   It’s a great way to start the collection.


For More information visit

Interplay UK Craft Part Host

Hello everyone,

So some very exciting news for you all i have been chosen to be one of the 16 lucky Bloggers to Host a Craft Party.

The party will be hosted on July 25 between 4-6 pm. I have chosen Treasure and Princess craft kits.I will be sent these closer to the time.

 I chose these two as i think it is fair to give the girls and boys something each to do and i can not see the boys wanting to play princess lol .
I will also receive invites, plates, cups, balloons, sweets,stickers, Recipe cards for some help with what to do for some fun party food ideas,and competition prizes,

Each craft Kit has 6 identical activities for the children to have lots of fun.

I will be Blogging and tweeting during the party so please keep an eye out and better still why don't you join in the fun and competitions online too.

If you would like to join in all craft party related Tweets will be #haveacraftparty so please do use that while joining in the competitions and everything that is going on,Also you can check out the main host

Head on over Evolution Comps For more information and great comps :-)

Hello :-)

Good morning everyone.

Well i am finally back and ready to catch up i can not believe i have had so much going on i had no time or energy to come here.Anyway hope you are all enjoying the sun still not hot enough for me yet lets hope it gets a bit hotter before it goes all together :-).

Also had a few problems with my email think it is sorted now so if any of you sent me email which has gone unreplied please forward to me again and i will reply asap thank you.

Well have a great day and look forward to some great reviews coming up.