Stylfile S-Ped

S-Ped The Curved Foot File & Exfoliator,

Best selling beauty brand Stylfile  launched its latest grooming innovation S-Ped nationwide in may to help get feet beach ready.

Drawing inspiration from Stylfile's iconic s-shaped nail files, the curved S-Ped has been designed by former Apprentice winner Tom Pellereau to follow the foot's natural contours.

The curved body of the S-Ped maximises  contact between the sole and long lasting stainless steel micro file resulting in the efficient yet gental removal of hard unwanted skin.

This ergonomic design also offers an extended reach, fits comfortably in the palm of the had and traps shavings within its body for simplified disposal.

Each S-Ped also includes an interchangable S-File X  exfoliator, which allows the handle to be easily converted into a gental foot polisher. With two differing abrasive surfaces the S-File ensures feet are perfectly smooth.

The S-Ped is avalible nationwide in Boots,Sainsbury's and Amazon with the RRP £8.99

I received one of these to review and i think it is a great product very well thought out and very easy to use, It looks great finally something to help you get smooth feet without making a mess :-).

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